Free Apps for Blackberry. Some repeats but hey, I did the leg work.

14 May

Been a while since we had some good app sharing on BBM, so here’s a few u might like..

==> Fancy Characters
This is the app that gives u a lot of cool new smileys and symbols to use.. ⊙.◎

==> Wikitude
Use this App to Broadcast your location, meet new people locally with BBM and integrate your digital world through ya bb
Augmented Reality »>

==> Chat Lock
For those of you that wanna keep your FB and BBM Chats private.. I mean idgaf.. Got nufin to hide

==> FourSquare
Great App for locatn new places to eat chill and etc.. Also great for reviewing the opinions of our trusted BBM community..

==> Barcode Scanner
This ones cool for scanning pretty much anything on the move.. When I see sumn I like an they dun got my size.. I scan and order online.. Yeap #bigniggasstruggletoo

==> Kayak
If u seen the commercials u know what it is.. Good for my jet-set Crew..

==> Free Flash Light
This one turns ya phone into a bright ass flash light.. Good in emergency situations I’m sure..

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