Branding CAN and WILL Define You.

31 Jul

Branding CAN and WILL Define You.

From Sony’s walkman to Apple’s ipad, we have all seen the dramatic power of simple branding and name recognition. The only question is what will you be synonymous with?

-Sony’s walkman.
Sony probably became a big player when they invented or just started carrying the ‘Walkman’. Now it wasn’t the big boy on the block revenue wise initially I’ll wager but
The iconic naming made Sony a household name when everyone bought a cassette player that fit in the palm of their hand. I had no Sony walkmans, but a ton of Aiwa’s and panasonics that I called walkmans. You see the name became bigger than the product. In fact it eclipsed it in this writers humble opinion. This is a prime example
Of letting your product define your relationship to the consumer. Find this in your business plan and you will win.

-Jordan’s 23.
Michael Jordan is perhaps the greatest player in NBA history. He’s made more wins in more ways than any player. His shoe deals, rings, and clutch plays put him at the pinnacle. He is undoubtedly the guy you want to be in your business. In any business. His number, twenty three (23), is iconic beyond even him. Even Lebron James wanted it. And used it. Kids everywhere bought jerseys with number twenty three (23). It is now a brand almost unto its self.
What is the symbol of your greatness.

-Everything is i-something now.
Yup u heard me- its ipod, ipad, icar, ifan; you name it. Steve Jobs and Apple made a supreme branding issue slash icon when they made the ipod. People lined up around the block for ipods. Then iphones and ipads hit the scene and the crowds went ape. Then the slicksters made irobot a movie, ivacuum and I smile- all kinds of products capitalizing on the i-name. It made a billion dollar aftermarket. It made products with no relation to Apple big bucks.
So will you fo the same or hope people like you for you regardless of presentation et al.

Hd sunglassess. Perhaps the greatest joke. On the ‘As Seen On tv’ ads people can buy HD Sunglasses. And these sunglasses in turn are selling like hot cakes. Also the hd concept for the sunglasses shows how far even television manufacturing made a dime. The simple fact is they are just sunglasses. Yet when re-branded, touching and so fort

The bottom line is whether you brand yourself or let external factors brand you- you have to be in control of both your image and your branding. These two things will put you in league with the big boys.
The question is will you brand effectively or be scared in here


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