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Open letter to publishers: communicate with your writers set clear deadlines and you meet your side as well

23 Jun

Open letter to publishers: communicate with your writers set clear deadlines and meet your end of the bargain.

So for those who don’t know I freelance write under my own name and two pseudonyms aka pen names, kind of like Samuel Clemens AKA Mark Twain.

As a Avid writer and blogger I want to post a candid open letter to the Publishers producers those who hire writers those who hire Ghostriders editors and all the other people who pay us and don’t pass the right.

Now my gripe isn’t w

The 3 immutable Laws of Success

23 Jun

The 3 immutable Laws of Success.

To be successful in anything you do there are 3 immutable laws:

1- Always be on time.

2- Always be the hardest worker in the room.

3- Never give up.

Mmm u

If you follow these three rules I guarantee your success in all your endeavors. Questions? Concerns?

Email me:

Quick Lesson: Healing is More Important than Training.

23 Jun

Quick lesson: healing is more important than training.

Accountability fuels growth

23 Jun

Quick Sales Tip: Know Your Product

23 Jun

So this should be pretty simple to comprehend but I think a lot of people don’t get it and that’s why they don’t make as many sales and that’s why they lose money.

You have to know your product inside and out. I just spent about $600 to fix my rear brakes, rotors a caliper, brake fluids excetera excetera, and I had no problem telling the guy yes even though for me that’s a fortune and ours I know her and her bill for fortune. However I did not hesitate as the service manager was obviously knowledgeable it did not come with truck did not come across as trying to sell me. He literally offered me factual reasons for the service I was going to pay for and the parts showed me the parts show me how the parts work and explain that in more than one way.

Now let’s apply that: give you so life insurance you need to be able to explain exactly exactly why someone would have a Term Policy as opposed to an index universal life. You would need to know the exact differences and benefits of both plans. Now if you’re selling the term policy you still need to know about the whole life universal life the indexed universal life and so forth. If you can’t explain it easy enough for anyone to understand it then you don’t understand it. Then that my friends is exactly why I will not buy from you and no one else for life. You need to let me know

23 Jun
How did you get into rapping? – I started writing rhymes for fun at about age 14…but took it serious and wanted to become at rapper at age 16, when I heard Ras Kass’s album “Soul On Ice”. Started hitting the stage at 19.
Are you a rapper, entertainer, or lyricist?
Pick only one. – Im a lyricist, especially now since i have been on a hiatus from performing.
Top 5 dead or alive? Artists that is. – Ras Kass, Nas, Royce da 5’9, and Planet Asia
If you could only take 5 albums with you forever, what would they be? – WuTang Forever, Esthero “Breath From Another”, Killah Priest “Heavy Mental”, Chino XL “Here to Save You All” and Ras Kass “Soul On Ice”
Left or right handed? – Right
Favorite track you’ve done? – “Lonewolf and Cub”
Favorite album you’ve done? – “Hard to Hate”
Thoughts on the 45th president? – assassination is long overdue
Where did you come up with the name Gadema? What does it stand for/mean? – I made it up in high school. Just came to me because I thought it sounded cool, different.
I used to draw anime style characters and named one of them that. Eventually I added it to my previous name “GaiDen”…so it was “GaiDen Gadema, bit dropped GaiDen because it was confusing people, mispelling my name on flyers all the time, so now its jist Gadema. Come to find out, it is actually a Lybian name in the Islamic faith. But everyone I know who can speak different Arabic dialects say it is an archaic name that has no true meaning. So I gave it one…”The Vast Infinite that which we have yet to comprehend with such frugal minds”. Its Infinity…beyond our understanding as humans.
Thoughts on 360 deals for artists? – I cant say they are good or bad. There are benefits to them both for the label and the artist, as well as cons. But they may be necessary in this new digital age, in efforts to recoup through atreaming and downloading, it essentially transformed the currency exchange rate for how all parties can make money.
Do you read Bob Lefsetz? – Never heard of him.
Was Pac as deep, influential, and was his music as ill as people claim? – Music is subjective, but I do understand his importance to the culture, his influence. I liked Pac, but was never a FAN like most people from my generation. He definitely was IMPACTFUL and FELT through his delivery and content. I dont believe he ever claimed to be a “wordsmith” or lyricist. He just made shit that the streets FELT to the heart. I appreciate him highly.
Would you ever sign with a major? – IF any one of us here in the 515 were EVER offered a deal with a major…damn straight we better take it! Yes i would.
How do you like Is it your preferred platform? – I love it. When i first got it, i ended up having to make monthly payments to maintain it. So I took it down after so long because I wasnt making money from it like i used to. I was losing money. But i restarted an account on there because now its FREE. Its a great setup and interface for a potential customer. Its great.
How do you come up with your lyrics? – Alot of my content is definitely driven from raw emotions and experiences…but otherwise its influenced from other emcees and artists i love and respect..and some people catch that I use alot of horror movie references..anime references. Shit i like.
Who would you most like to do a track with? On a national level….Planet Asia. Or Ras Kass. Locally…I really wanted to do a song with Jay Foster. Rest in Peace
What producer would you most like to work with? – DEFINITELY Alchemist. Hes my favorite hands down.
Who influenced you as a man? My pop. Hes loyal…strong. Qualities i hold dear. Also Bruce Lee. His philosophies and quotes are eternal.
Who influenced you as an artist? In the 3rd quarter of my career…my homie Tripp Shelton lushed me to be the dopest emcee i could be. Simply by being one of the ILLEST rappers on earth to me, and being my D.O.P.E. brethren.
Do you find your working a full-time job aides or hinders your music and or musical career? – definitely hinders it. There arent enough hours in the day. But I could never take that risk of dropping everything and perusing music….as the momentum picked up I was engaged to get married, just had my baby girl, just got a new job (which im still at over 10 years later), had TOO MUCH at stake.
What are your plans for the future? – to get out of debt lol. And still at least knock out one more solid solo record. I am still open for collaborations. I am not done.

Management 101: Shit Does NOT Run Down Hill

23 Jun

Management 101: Shit Does NOT Run Down Hill

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