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Entrepreneurial Monday Message

20 Nov




Quick post on courage for Entrepreneurs on Courage

19 Nov


Free eBook: Smart Work – How to Boost Your Productivity in 3 Easy Steps

16 Nov

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Push past the Challenge, Reap the Rewards

8 Nov

Push past the Challenge, Reap the Rewards.

The last year-and-a-half I have been incredibly hectic. I’ve strained, stretched, and suffered. I’ve also been blessed, challenged, and persevered and Triumphed.

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves- it’s going to be hard before it gets great.

If you lift weights you understand that 315 is heavy on the bench and the first few times It feels like murder, next thing you know you’re doing sets not reps at 315.

Life is just like the gym.
Show up and lift heavy AKA do the hard stuff. The reward is so worth it. 

3 questions to consider to earn more

7 Nov

3 questions to consider to earn more.

1. What is it you sell or offer in your business?
2. How do you acquire customers for your business?
3. Who is your ideal customer?

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23 Oct

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23 Oct

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