The WILL to Win

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​”The will to win is more vital to success than your intelligence. There are plenty of intelligent people who lack the courage and leadership to maximize their potential. No one has ever succeeded without confidence just because they can pass a test. 
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You get what you pay for 

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Don’t tell me I’m expensiveTell yourself the truth. You know I am worth the cash. More than worth it. You just don’t want to pay me as you actually know me.  

This is a consistent issue for many entrepreneurs in any and every field. People will always want a discount. And more often than not they will hen peck you from the beginning to the end. And likely after! What you as an entrepreneur have to determine is if you will take less money for the same task.

Your price should be set in stone with the only caveat being for networking and big boy deals. There is nothing wrong with helping get out mom or grandpa Rufus. However, the only deals you cut should be for building your empire. Ie if the client to wants a deal on a volume and can pay up front, or wants a long term relationship where you both thrive, then by all means go ham!! A deal that nets you profit or future profit is fine.

What isn’t fine is accepting less than you are worth.

Set your worth. Period.

Live Brolic!

Khaki challenge, the Hidden Law of Attraction 

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So the law of attraction is a big deal these days. It is the secret, they would have you believe, to immense success. If you master the law of attraction you will easily bring forth a river of wealth riches and success. 

If you don’t know the law of attraction Google it. My perception of the law of attraction is that you get what you attract.

Now the hidden secret I am exposing now is called the khaki challenge.  Simply put I am going to only wear khakis for the next 30 days.

Why you ask?

Because in my former career I was a jeams and tee guy.  It was acceptable and tactical given my position. But not anymore. As I seek out a new career and life changing year I am changing not only my resume and address, but my weight and how I dress. 

This, coupled with a new daily routine and extensive reading will manifest the success and financial level I want.

To sum this up I am changing everything I can think of to change into the dominant successful leader I want to be.

So join me on my khaki challenge and wear only khaki pants or better everywhere (except the gym, that would be weird).

Live Brolic!

How to make 6 figures,  quit your job. Maybe…

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Work is for suckers. 

Well, working for someone else is.

Get off the wheel, you aren’t a hamster.

Now I’m not advocating you quit your job.

Quite the opposite. 

Life will throw a thousand curve balls, and the minute you hit a ball or two- the pitch will change.

That scary part right there, yeah, that’s actually the fun part.

The question is are you willing to battle past the fear and move forward?

Do you possess the fortitude to reach beyond your grasp and seize a victory?
How you say?

-get up earlier. 

-read 20 minutes or more a day.

-write down what you want, goals,  ferrari, et al.

-write out a step by step strategy to obtain the above. 

find a mentor.

-sleep more. And that can be done by cutting out the tv and or beer and sports.

-repeat this process daily.
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The 80/20,rule applied to content 

20 Oct

“​content marketing is not about content but what you want to achieve with itThe 80/20 rule works best here: spend 80% of your time promoting content and only 20% of time creating it”

From the article: 

5 little-known tactics to save time on content promotion 

By Lesley Vos

Article link below.

How to win at network marketing 

18 Oct

Does Winning mean everything to you?

What is Victory?

Answer this and comment for step 2.

Live Brolic?!

Don’t eat that Frog, Murder it!

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I know the eat that frog Philosophy is quite popular and effective,  but this is a way I dig.

By conquering the small tasks first you gain momentum. A lot of people get scared by their to do lists and that fear leads to paralysis. If you are a scared rabbit running from your tasks you will fail at any and every endeavor. 

Make a list. 

Sort said list so that the easiest tasks are at the top. 

Leave  a space between task groups.

This will be more of a simulated break that will give you a mental breather.

Next, bang out the 3 easiest task on your list.

Oh and folks, don’t make the list more than 9-11 items long.

Call them action agenda items, or whatever you want,  just keep the list short. 

Think of it like the benchpress,  the bar is going to come down, you just have to push past the middle.

Live Brolic! 

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