How to make 6 figures,  quit your job. Maybe…

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Work is for suckers. 

Well, working for someone else is.

Get off the wheel, you aren’t a hamster.

Now I’m not advocating you quit your job.

Quite the opposite. 

Life will throw a thousand curve balls, and the minute you hit a ball or two- the pitch will change.

That scary part right there, yeah, that’s actually the fun part.

The question is are you willing to battle past the fear and move forward?

Do you possess the fortitude to reach beyond your grasp and seize a victory?
How you say?

-get up earlier. 

-read 20 minutes or more a day.

-write down what you want, goals,  ferrari, et al.

-write out a step by step strategy to obtain the above. 

find a mentor.

-sleep more. And that can be done by cutting out the tv and or beer and sports.

-repeat this process daily.
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How to win at network marketing 

18 Oct

Does Winning mean everything to you?

What is Victory?

Answer this and comment for step 2.

Live Brolic?!

Don’t eat that Frog, Murder it!

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I know the eat that frog Philosophy is quite popular and effective,  but this is a way I dig.

By conquering the small tasks first you gain momentum. A lot of people get scared by their to do lists and that fear leads to paralysis. If you are a scared rabbit running from your tasks you will fail at any and every endeavor. 

Make a list. 

Sort said list so that the easiest tasks are at the top. 

Leave  a space between task groups.

This will be more of a simulated break that will give you a mental breather.

Next, bang out the 3 easiest task on your list.

Oh and folks, don’t make the list more than 9-11 items long.

Call them action agenda items, or whatever you want,  just keep the list short. 

Think of it like the benchpress,  the bar is going to come down, you just have to push past the middle.

Live Brolic! 

Pick Your Poison: Passion or Stress

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From @mookmillionsceo –  

“If you find yourself working at a job you don’t love, in a relationship with someone you don’t love, or hanging with people that don’t love you, make a change. Stress kills. Passion is the compass that makes life more enjoyable. I refuse to waste time and energy on futile situations. If the love isn’t there, neither am I.” 

Live Brolic! 

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I’ve been harping on this, 
My bad.

But my goals and dreams have gotten bigger in the last 4 months. About 40% on top of the last 40% in 2 month increments. 

The point

I have reached a point where the basic 9 – 5 is almost a waste of my time. I want so much more out of my life. I have Big wants and big needs coupled with a desire to succeed beyond the wildest dreams of the most successful entrepreneur on the planet.

And I’ve had to stretch… A LOT. 

I’m quite uncomfortable these days, but I actually sleep better.

Why? How?

I’m working a path I want and believe in! 
Are you with me? 

Live Brolic! 

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–  A lot of people know they are in a bad situation and need to change, but they don’t.
 Maybe you don’t have enough money to make ends meet or you are in a bad relationship. My question to you is how long will this be good enough for you?

 In order for things to change we must do like He says find the guys and take action to make it happen. You can! 

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Your son is watching,  so kick @$$ and take names! Aka Conquer or GO HOME!

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You are the example in your world. You have the gut, ideas, passion, and the ability to move mountains if you put your mind to it. Don’t give up, ever. Find ways to pivot, shift your energy and develop your leadership style more, SLOW DOWN to speed up, but never quit on what is important to you.

 Live Brolic?!

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