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Ohio is the first state to accept bitcoin for paying business taxes

1 Dec


Matthew Horwood/Getty Images


You can’t save your way to freedom: What I learned from Grant Cardone

25 Nov

You can’t save your way to freedom: What I learned from Grant Cardone.

Saving money won’t set you free.

Make more money.

Pure and simple.

Sure you can save a million dollars with a tax deferred annuity and the like, but if you make your money into soldiers who work for you- they will go out and conquer.

Watch “Zombie apocalypse freebies” on YouTube

22 Nov

File Manager Pro for Android free

31 Oct

Google Play offers downloads of File Manager Pro for Android for free. That’s a $4 price drop and the best deal found for this app.

Apple wins appeal in $234 million patent infringement case

30 Sep


Infographic: Decoding the Dress Code

30 Sep

Infographic: Decoding the Dress Code is a quick primer on how you should dress based on the event.

Dress for the future you want n

ot the job you hate.


Watch “Boiler room – Always Be Closing” on YouTube

21 Sep

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