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100+ Listens to the Podcast!!!!

11 Nov

Thank you to my listeners!

100+ Listens to the Podcast!!!!

I am no one without my family and my work is complete when you all follow, like, listen

I humbly thank you.

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: 2 Tips to Save Money Daily

12 Oct

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: 2 tips to save money daily

This is one of my favorite ideas I’ve had in my head since before I sstarted my podcast.

Making your own coffee/tea and bringing your own lunch, aka brown bagging it will save you a boaload of bucks!

Send all feedback to tony@changeinadvance.com

Podcast Episode 5, I Bought a New(ish) Car!

8 Oct

Podcast Episode 5, I Bought a New(ish) Car!

Episode 5 of the Change in Advance podcast is out. 10 minutes on my latest purchase and my mindset on making large purchases.

Let me know what you think folks.


Podcasting Pays!

7 Oct

Podcasting Pays!

(Click pic to access the podcast!)

Pursue what you enjoy and the funds will come.
I have been podcasting for 4 days and I have already started earning.
I know, I know, 12 cents is chump change- LITERALLY.
I have faith that this will open a new revenue stream for me in time.

The bottom line is you never know if you don’t try.
Step out in faith and let fear go.

Everything you want is on the other Side of 1 CHOICE.

Episode 4 is out! Instagram u suck!

7 Oct

Episode 4 is out! Instagram u suck!

Episode 4 of the change in advance podcast is out!

This episode I discuss my disgust for Instagram and its algorithms and why I switched back to a personal account.

God is good as I find I am enjoying this and may have found my voice.

Podcast ep. 2 is out: 2 Tips to save at the pump

7 Oct

Podcast ep. 2 is out: 2 Tips to save at the pump

Yes I have 2 quick tips to save you money every time you fill up at the gas station.

No affiliate links, hype or token plans- just some everyday commen sense tips I have learned .

Let me know your thoughts.

Change in Advance, the Podcast!!!

3 Oct

Change in Advance, the Podcast!!!

Change in Advance, the Podcast is here brought to you by anchor.fm

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