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Instagram Success, is not SocialEnvy

26 May

So you want to be a boss. 

You see the guys on  IG flashing bling and riding in brabus Mercedes Benz​. And you want to get there, and fast.  So you hit trusty old Google and find that getting followers enmass means you can sell shoutouts and and charge people for all kind of silly favors that add up to big bucks. The question is how do you get the followers? That’s when you find instagress. 

Instagress promises you followers Galore and a guaranteed famous face on Instagram.  For a fee instagress will get you thousands upon thousands of followers. These followers they are Bots. Many of you probably remember when Instagram cut the cord on millions of accounts that had fake followers. Overnight accounts were cut down to their true levels. And the famous people they got cut too. Akon a massive hit in the Millions.  No one with fake followers was safe. Instagram which is owned by Facebook did an exceptional job of exposing the fakes.  Then just recently in 2017 instagress shuttered its doors and with a Twitter apology said they were sorry and that customers could submit for refunds.

The lesson here is that it doesn’t matter if you get fake followers fake comments or fake likes or All the Above-Instagram will find you. And when they do you won’t lose followers or comments or likes. You will lose credibility. 

And that credibility matters more to your brand, to your business, and to your fans, followers, and customers. 

Oh yeah you will lose those followers comments and like that you paid for. As well as the respect you earned from your real followers and the dollars they would have spent with you. 

There is a solution however, which I will cover soon.

Stay tuned.

How to Create a Master Plan for Your Life | SUCCESS

28 Mar

Back for 2017!!!!

2 Jan

We are back for 2017!!!!

The year ended well but chaotic for us at change in advance.  

We are now centered out of Orlando.

We are also reworking our site and product offerings to align with our brand and the needs of our followers and clientele.

So while we apologize for being away, rest assured it was done so we could rise to a higher caliber.

We will also be doing more Content Creation for clients as well as adding Instagram Marketing. 

Lastly the above picture shows you just how much a missed opportunity can cost you.

Don’t be willing to accept less.

Aim Higher.

Ask for more.


We are back for 2017.

Come grow with us.
Questions comments or concerns,

Email me: 

Marketing 101: They Will Buy

3 Oct

Now this image is  pure marketing genius.

Customer grabs a coffee and as they pay they see this cute lip balm and say heck yeah!

And they buy the preferred flavor. 

Now you have increased sales without adding to work costs etc.

And as they use this lip balm in public you have free marketing and advertising. 


What are you doing today to increase your sales and exposure?

How are you driving traffic to your offers?

This article is to get you thinking of the various processes that will increase exposure and the bottom line.

Live Brolic 

Harper Lee dead at age of 89: ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ author passes away |

19 Feb

Nelle Harper Lee, who won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1961 for her book, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” has died at the age of 89, multiple sources in her hometown of Monroeville confirmed Friday morning.

Source: Harper Lee dead at age of 89: ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ author passes away |

Lesson Learned- Work Harder!

2 Jan

So I tried a new barber today.

The lady I had cutting my hair switched locations.
Actually she closed her shop and rented a chair.

Then that place sent her elsewhere (did I just rhyme?)
Well, back to the facts.
I took a gamble and ended up with a master barber!
He not only took me right away saving time, but I didn’t need to see the guy who usually does my secondary cut!

Now- yes I’m particular- but my image is part of my branding, and it’s just how I like to look.
This guy was motivated, spoke two languages, and cut hair like a PRO.

What are the lessons here:
-the first barber, ran her business bad.
This led to her losing my wife and I as clients as we couldn’t find her easily.

-the first barber didn’t make sure we could reach her.

– the first barber didn’t make herself irreplaceable.
Wow. Ouch. Yes. I couldn’t keep her as she was all over. Lost my loyalty.

-the new barber was ready.
He saw me come in and met me at the door. So he got my money.

-the new barber did what I usually pay 2 people for – in less time! Nuff said.

-the new barber has 2 jobs.
Being a barber is his 2nd job.
Or should I say he does it after the day job?…
Regardless he met my expectations, and exceeded them.

The lesson here- it isn’t that you need to do double shifts.

The lesson here isn’t that more hours mean more money.

The lesson is you play to your strengths.

-the new barber – he cuts from 6pm to 12am-ish.
That means he is willing to corner the market on men who work day jobs!
He does this 6 days a week.

YOU do the math.

It’s About to Get Real!

12 Dec

Who would win?

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