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Follow up to the previous infographic on your freelance hourly rates

14 Jul

I wanted to let you know that setting a higher freelance fee is better than setting a low one.

First you need to recognize your worth and all you you bring to the table- every single transaction.

Second you need to know that you can start at hundred and drop to 50, but you can’t start at 50 and go to 100.

Remember settimg a low bar for your pricing aka your worth may work as an opener but if you undervalue yourself how can you expect others to value you?

The Upsell: Paint a Positive Picture 

16 Nov

Quick lesson:

In my current day job I’ve realized one thing- I’m great at putting positive spin on a product.

No seriously, I’m not bragging, we’ll maybe a little, but I’ve been able to get potential customers to see the upside of closing this transaction regardless of the plan they choose.

How this translates to you is simple. Show Value, and the customer will buy.

Is your high ticket item slightly out of your target market’s price range ?

Show Value. 

Client doesn’t see coaching as a necessary expense?

Show Value.

When the client sees that the trade off in value vastly exceeds what they put out in actual dollars they will commit.




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Value vs worth

23 May


Always remember you are highly valuable
Everyone has a skill set that once recognized and honed can change the world.

Heck if you change 3 lives- isn’t it all worth it?

Live Brolic!

Deutsche Bank: It’s time to buy gold

27 Feb

Gold is still expensive, but rising economic risks and market turmoil mean investors should buy it for insurance, Deutsche Bank said Friday.

Source: Deutsche Bank: It’s time to buy gold

Quality Kills Competition

21 Jan

I was running errands and decided I wanted a vegetable patty from a family owned establishment that makes beef, veggie, and chicken patties.
The whole menu is only10 items.
And there was a crowd as well.

So what are the lessons here:

The product is the best I’ve ever had and the Sunday line is always out the door when area churches close.
The menu items are all made fresh daily as well.
That is a great selling point in my opinion as I hate frozen food and preservatives.

*Fair Pricing aka value
Over the last decade the price has barely gone up.
Now maybe you’re thinking – bro they make it up on volume!
Damn right!
And how is that a problem?
It isn’t.
Also if they buy in bulk it isn’t a problem.
Based on the crowd I see every time I go their pricing must be great.
And from what I’ve paid their “competitors” I know it is cheaper.
Which leads to the next point-
They are offering an incredible value based on their target audience, and area.
This is just solid business.
Offer the fairest price you can while still creating value, and of course putting some coin in your pocket ;).

*Narrow Focus
This may be the smartest thing they do- and that we all should as well as entrepreneurs.
As the business flourished there wasn’t a massive push to expand their product line. Nope, they just stuck to what works.
A lot of small businesses want to expand product lines and SKUS but this can clog production and throw customers for a loop.
As the old saying goes, If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

If your main tee line sells 500k units as is- maybe switch the color palette, not add new designs that are risky.
If you sell rims for trucks, skip doing air flow systems.

Every business grows around the moves the boss makes.
So be sure to make your best moves- no half stepping!



22 Mar

I love these.



Free Webinars And Your Business

3 Feb

So I’ve had a few questions on this and figured I’d make a quick blog post about it.
Webinars do you really need them?
Survey says Yes.

Webinars for the uninitiated are basically live or prerecorded broadcasts (though generally speaking and for the purposes of this post live) that aim to teach something, conduct an open forum, recruit people or sell product. Many people love this tool simply because it creates the image of greater value instantaneously.
Now I’m not arguing that they aren’t more valuable, just the opposite. However we must make note of all pertinent factors and qualities. People generally feel more tied into a webinar then a three way call. They also like the live action feel and flow of a live webinar compared to a list of Youtube videos you shoot them in a email. Those work too but it isn’t quite the same.
Every webinar I’ve been on feels different. The ability to ask questions on the spot is one way I’ve always felt more connected to the webinar leader. And hence I was more connected and thus more inclined to buy or join- get the drift?
A good webinar can even be as simple as a slide show with your face in the left hand corner as you teach or “drop science.”. Intelligence can even be perused in a different fashion as the audience can better gauge who you are as a person. This appearance of intimacy that forges bonds is quite bankable. And I don’t mean to sound callous or ambivalent, rather I want people to know how useful this tool is. I’m not attempting to imply a contrived feeling will occur but it is possible.
If I’ve confused you let me say this-
People prefer webinars statistically.
And as times change so must our strategies. 3 way calls work. No question. But in the day and age of the internet it is time we adjust methods and recalculate our approach. Twitter and Facebook and now Pinterest have all show that a new dynamic in marketing and recruiting has taken our planet by storm. Plain old sharing has become a multi-billion dollar business.
Don’t you want a piece of all of that?
If you could easily reach fans, recruits, teammates and so on wouldn’t you want to?
And speaking of teammates isn’t it hard to build and network properly across your city let alone across the globe?
I know I have a hard time with it and I’m sure you do as well. The phone just doesn’t cut all the time and plain old web chat limits your audience to two cameras and who ever can huddle around them.
A great webinar need not belong. In the beginning aim for a 30 minute webinar with a 30 minute Q&A after. Let people speak so it takes the pressure off you and let’s you gauge their response toward you and what you have offered. And don’t forget to invite them to your next webinar and or event (and of curse get names and numbers if you don’t have them- though they have to login for some webinar services so you may be privy to this data already).

What service should you use?
Check out http://webex.com first.
Then maybe gotowebinar or a few others.
For a complete list reply to this article or email me.


“Ideas can be life-changing. Sometimes all you need to open the door is just one more good idea.”
-Jim Rohn

Thoughts? Concerns?
Questions? Think I’m wrong?
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