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Like basketball? Check out my friend!

4 May

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Winners win.

Unveiling my Kratom article in That Splash Magazine

21 Dec

Unveiling my Kratom article in That Splash Magazine

Take action, Don’t Fear Debt! A YouTube short

27 Oct

Take action, Don’t Fear Debt! A YouTube short

Sometimes you just gotta go for it.
I traded in my 08 accord for a 2017 camry.
The accord was becoming a money pit and hazard.
Sometimes you have to call it a day and start again.

Don’t fear debt, have a plan to escalate payments.

Podcast ep.6: Imagination is key

11 Oct

Podcast ep.6: Imagination is key

Click pic to hear this podcast episode.

Podcast Episode 5, I Bought a New(ish) Car!

8 Oct

Podcast Episode 5, I Bought a New(ish) Car!

Episode 5 of the Change in Advance podcast is out. 10 minutes on my latest purchase and my mindset on making large purchases.

Let me know what you think folks.

Change in Advance, the Podcast!!!

3 Oct

Change in Advance, the Podcast!!!

Change in Advance, the Podcast is here brought to you by

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Free financial advice, entrepreneurial advice, and tips to save money, make money, and fire your boss!

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Take Massive Action!!!

24 Sep

Take Massive Action!!!

I love this quote by Tony Robbins.

It is so powerful because it is so simple.

And yet many of us have a hard time getting it done-myself included.

I will draft a hundred articles and not complete or post them.

Yes, 100.

I write a heck of a lot but massive follow up and follow through has been hard these last 3 yrs what with

quitting my career,

starting a new one,

moving states,

and growing my family from 2 to 4 ppl.

But these are just excuses.

Who will join me in a massive call to action?

Let’s invigorate each other.

Comment when you ARE IN!!!!!

How to be the BEST…

30 Aug

How to be the BEST

If you can look at the worst that can possibly happen and be ok with that then you can move confidently forward knowing it won’t break you! 🔥

This also applies to managers workers. Handle the worst employees and customers and you will grow and excel.

Easy never made anyone better…

Multiple income streams for the regular joe

19 Aug

Multiple income streams for the regular joe

Keep Moving forward!

24 Jul

I’vealways been a writer.

And as I get older I expand my portfolio of work.

Do what you love and never turn back.

(Pardon the sloppy screenshots)

Keep moving forward!

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