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Take Massive Action!!!

24 Sep

Take Massive Action!!!

I love this quote by Tony Robbins.

It is so powerful because it is so simple.

And yet many of us have a hard time getting it done-myself included.

I will draft a hundred articles and not complete or post them.

Yes, 100.

I write a heck of a lot but massive follow up and follow through has been hard these last 3 yrs what with

quitting my career,

starting a new one,

moving states,

and growing my family from 2 to 4 ppl.

But these are just excuses.

Who will join me in a massive call to action?

Let’s invigorate each other.

Comment when you ARE IN!!!!!

Watch “Entrepreneurialmindset 101: What you watch occupies Your MIND” on YouTube

2 Apr

You will be the sum of those you Surround yourself with

12 Nov

Tony Robbins is spot on here.

This may just be more important than the ever popular “your network determines your networth”.

Who are you spending time with?
Do the add to your life?
Do they hold you to a higher standard or just buy you rounds @ happy hour?

Surround yourself with those who add value to your life and those who enrich your soul.

Live Brolic!

INFOGRAPHIC: Twitter Cheat Sheet: How to Increase Your Engagement (VIA DANIEL ZEEVI)

13 Mar

Twitter cheat sheet


“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right” –Napoleon Hill

Thoughts? Concerns?
Questions? Think I’m wrong?
Let’s chat.
Need ideas?
Let’s chat.
Want a mentor or maybe the guy who will bounce ideas back and forth with you?
Let’s chat-


Or simply reply to this article.


Quote 7 Mar

Your peers predict your future.

Tony Robbins

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