Rolex’ are cheap (price wise)

5 Nov

Yes I’m serious.
No I’m not Drunk.
A Rolex Datejust is quite cheap.

Here’s why:
My desire to own one has focused my desire, cut my spending, and fueled my drive which in turn creates value for my clients and income for me.

When I took my eyes off the baubles and decided that what I want I should have – things just fell into place.
I skipped a plethora of small purchases. Which in turn lead to less dead, and more savings.

Next I spent more time plotting on how I could get a Rolex inside of two years- a paid off, not bought on credit, or layaway- but a walk in, buy, walk out wearing it Rolex.

This fueled my mind and gave me clarity on what to do with my existing income streams, and how I might create new revenue streams upon completion of the first set.

So you see from this standpoint a Rolex does cost less.

Oh yeah, one more thing:
A rolex will hold it’s value or will go up in value. So this dream potentially adds to my net worth. 😉

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