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Keep Moving forward!

24 Jul

I’vealways been a writer.

And as I get older I expand my portfolio of work.

Do what you love and never turn back.

(Pardon the sloppy screenshots)

Keep moving forward!

How your DREAMS can make you a Millionaire 

24 Aug

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—————————————————— – Dreams are the root of most successful individuals. Now of course, there are some ruthless people who get there no matter what. 

My points simply is this: 

know your dream, 

make it into small goals 

make a plan to hit each one of those goals that will be completing your dream AKA you are now living in a dream get it folks?

 Live Brolic!

Sesame Street Is Getting Into Venture Capital. This Isn’t a Joke | WIRED

1 Feb

VC is for venture capital, and it’s coming to Sesame Street.

Source: Sesame Street Is Getting Into Venture Capital. This Isn’t a Joke | WIRED

Wanted: Lego model builder for possibly the most desirable job on the planet – Mirror Online

24 Jan

Merlin Entertainment, the owners of Legoland theme parks, have advertised for the enviable task of making a variety of structures from the famous toy bricks

Source: Wanted: Lego model builder for possibly the most desirable job on the planet – Mirror Online

Is this your JOB?

14 Dec

If so let’s chat asap

Live Brolic!

12 Dec

Seriously, fear is your number one enemy.

But have faith, not only in your God, but in YOU!

If you don’t believe you will Conquer, than YOU WON’T.

Be the greatest you – YOU can Create.
Who are you to question the greatness you are destined for?

Live Brolic!

Lesson of the Day : Everyone Says, Most People Won’t

6 Dec

Lesson of the day:
A friend loved my tee line and wanted in on that and my other ideas.
He had concepts to bring to the table as well.
A long term friend with great values- I had offered him a piece of my company. When I made my real offer, not a hey we’re at the bar offer- but a you get x% if y happens.
And I told him I didn’t want an answer for two business weeks.
I called him before that to share big family news. He then said he didn’t forget and would accept my offer.
Fast forward to last Thursday- I ran into him in Costco and we get to chatting about debt, taxes, and the need for funds to build our dream lives.
He asks when I’m free so we can meet.
We tentatively agreed for today, Sunday the 5th from 12-2pm.
I told him to call and confirm.
He never did.
So the lesson folks is simply that everyone says they want in.
Everyone says they will work hard.
Everyone says they want to be rich.
I guess he doesn’t.

I’ve already built the bones of my LLC.
But I see that as he had no skin in the game yet ( cash involvement) he wasn’t truly going to commit.
And honestly that is fine by me.
Here’s why:
A- I know we can’t do business so I just sidestepped a liability down the road.

B- I lost no collateral, cash, or friendship.

C- I learned my hunches are pretty accurate.
Here’s why: I mentioned Real Estate and all he could mention was risk.
I saw gains, he saw loss.

So as I was saying, the lesson is: Everyone SAYS, Most People WON’T.

Friends and family are great, but in business make sure you can run the race alone.
At least until you can buy the team. 😉

Live Brolic!

Tee in article can be bought at http://bit.ly/KFeVwD

2 Things to Focus on for Immediate Success

27 Nov

1) Focus on what you’re grateful for.

2) Focus on income producing activities first.

1- Every morning I start off my day with a shower and reciting a list of what I am grateful for that morning. Usually I say the list out loud as it seems too resonate deeper for me.

Whatever method you prefer I suggest you begin this daily habit immediately. As this habit has taken root I find I’m happier, healthier, and more productive. It’s easy to get down on yourself, especially when you’re building a business. The hours can seem endless and the sales non-existent at times.
A lost sale can be crushing to the ego.
But making a strong habit of focusing on the good things will make you a better entrepreneur. I promise.

2- I used to get up and check my emails and messages asap. This created more stress than it relieved actually.
What I thought was productive use of my time was a drag on my time.
Unless you have specific clientele that need access to you 24-7, skip the immediate check of messages in all formats.
Focus instead on income producing activities.
If you get paid to write, write.
If you make money closing deals or life insurance policies, then by all means close them asap. Hit the day with a focused mind and a plan- and that will produce income faster than seeing how many followers you gained.

Why will this create immediate success?
Because you will have changed your outlook and perspective, as well as laser targeted what will really make you money.

Time is the most valuable and precious commodity, so make sure you are using it right.

Live Brolic!

Play the Game

27 Nov

It’s pretty simple.
If you want to lose weight eat right.
If you need help, ask for it. 

That’s it. There is nothing more powerful than the moment you reach out and seize the day. Ask for help, commit to the product, whatever it is you need to do- DO IT. 

I’m not gonna lecture you or throw in some zippy advice.
The meme speaks for itself.
Live Brolic!

Consistency is Everything

24 Nov

He who can be consistent will go the farthest.

Okay enough of my fortune cookie flow.
Seriously though folks, it’s the person who sticks to their gym schedule, eats right every day, sleeps right, who gets the killer physique.

It’s the investor who studies the markets and tracks the mac d indicators and does their due diligence on options and puts etc- who makes a killing.
Regardless of your venture, if you are consistent you will reach the finish line.
Talent is nothing without consistency.
Look at the pitchers in the MLB.
They have to throw consistently, not just fast, but consistent.

What can you do to increase your consistency?

Live Brolic !

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