Lesson of the Day : Everyone Says, Most People Won’t

6 Dec

Lesson of the day:
A friend loved my tee line and wanted in on that and my other ideas.
He had concepts to bring to the table as well.
A long term friend with great values- I had offered him a piece of my company. When I made my real offer, not a hey we’re at the bar offer- but a you get x% if y happens.
And I told him I didn’t want an answer for two business weeks.
I called him before that to share big family news. He then said he didn’t forget and would accept my offer.
Fast forward to last Thursday- I ran into him in Costco and we get to chatting about debt, taxes, and the need for funds to build our dream lives.
He asks when I’m free so we can meet.
We tentatively agreed for today, Sunday the 5th from 12-2pm.
I told him to call and confirm.
He never did.
So the lesson folks is simply that everyone says they want in.
Everyone says they will work hard.
Everyone says they want to be rich.
I guess he doesn’t.

I’ve already built the bones of my LLC.
But I see that as he had no skin in the game yet ( cash involvement) he wasn’t truly going to commit.
And honestly that is fine by me.
Here’s why:
A- I know we can’t do business so I just sidestepped a liability down the road.

B- I lost no collateral, cash, or friendship.

C- I learned my hunches are pretty accurate.
Here’s why: I mentioned Real Estate and all he could mention was risk.
I saw gains, he saw loss.

So as I was saying, the lesson is: Everyone SAYS, Most People WON’T.

Friends and family are great, but in business make sure you can run the race alone.
At least until you can buy the team. 😉

Live Brolic!

Tee in article can be bought at http://bit.ly/KFeVwD

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