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18 Apr

I am personally on the fence about this one. Sometimes in business you need to reveal your hand to show people what you’re working with. Other times you need to make sure that no one knows what you’re doing. And then there were just times where you know it doesn’t hurt to let someone know everything to do as in maybe mentoring someone or teaching someone says multiple scenarios apply this properly.Credit to @primewayoflife. Thank you & Love You Entrepreneur Motivation!
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BofA says it will make $5 billion in mortgages to under-served people

5 Apr


Grapefruit, an Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

2 Apr

Eat healthy, and live right. These are real truths for an entrepreneur to live by.
Grapefruit has a slew of health benefits, so dig in folks. Weight loss, vitamins, and a heart disease fighter. Just like a true entrepreneur it gets it all done.

Babe Ruth on Success

30 Mar

Babe Ruth on Success: Never Give Up.

Seriously folks never give up- the Hard days make you strong the weak days are chances to double-down.

Don’t give up, keep it moving.

Babe Ruth is right you can succeed if you’re willing.

Hard Work Trumps ALL

30 Mar

There’s a lot of things you can’t control but how hard you work isn’t one of them.

Hard Work Trumps ALL

Work Hard, Don’t Worry About Always Looking the Part

30 Mar

Work Hard, Don’t Worry About Always Looking the Part.

Sometimes I look ragged, and ppl ask.
The answer?

I’m being an active dad, a good spouse, I work full time at my job, I grow and develop ppl in and out of work, and am building my empire on the side.

The good news is my mind is always sharp,
I am always happy,
And I’m always willing to do more.

Dress for success may include appearance, but dont get down on yourself when you look washed up.

Sometimes the best victories come after you have been run up and down the court.

29 Mar

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