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The best part of your life is on the other side of commitment.

23 Jun

The best part of your life is on the other side of commitment.

Excellence is not an innate trait. Excellence is not something you stumble upon. Excellence, like winning is a habit you cultivate, you move with it, you work it to truly Excel and get to that next level that you always talk about. You know the million-dollar Hustle, the t-shirt line, the fashion line, completing that college degree, finishing your first novel that’s been in mothballs for a decade, we all have one of those hidden in the back drawer. Now if you want to beat anxiety and you want to beat fear and you want to beat depression and you want to beat the level of income you’re at you have to commit to completing these tasks. You have to commit to stopping the drinking. And not to save your liver not to save your soul know you have to commit because sometimes you have to give up what’s working for you now have was going to work for you forever. Commitment like dollars are soldiers that you can put to work for you. When you commit to an action or to a cause you’re opening the floodgates of possibility. If you simply commit to writing one article day of 100 words to 500 Words and you get it done you will succeed. Now folks that one is more of a personal goal for me something I’m working on as far as creating content for my website. Now let’s say you enjoy having a zip when you come home from work cuz you work a full-time job you’re doing your 4045 hours the boss loves you you know your customers and clients tell her happy everything is great and you have a little zip. It might be that little zip that’s not impacting your budget it’s not impacting You by making you a drunk that’s not impacting you in any way that’s a big tell like we’ll be for an alcoholic that is holding you back. That little zip that small half hour of TV that one thing that you are not stopping is hindering you from committing fully to one task or dream. Let us shift gears. Maybe, you’re free to publish your novel because no one’s going to buy it much less take a free copy on Amazon Kindle right? That fear is a crippling thing cuz no one likes rejection another Rider I fully understand that feeling. Fully. However committing to finishing it and putting it out for the masses it won’t matter what that novel is to the people is going to matter with the completion of that novel is to your soul. When you close the page on that chapter and that’s figuratively and literally you’re going to change something in your life. When you say yourself I’m going to do something and you actually do it your world changes. No my job we were discussing the Mandela effect so I want you to look that up cuz things do change it seems you might disagree with me that’s fine but do some homework check it out more important and make a commitment to yourself. There is pure raw power and commitment that you cannot beat with parent I feel personally. I know a lot of towns of people including myself who left house on finished and these unfinished tasks leads anxiety they need to fear and ultimately they lead to me not doing what I said I would do. Which is the biggest letdown. Especially now that I have a son who I want to Model Behavior for all of this has to change. So this post is not so much a call to action for you my readers as it is for myself. However I find it and being as nakedly truthful as open and you know I guess freelee exposing myself to you as a writer I’m letting you know what needs to be done for me and I’m going to bet there’s a lot either feel the same way. Now this isn’t information I just don’t belong to either folks I have people who Mentor me who I actively sought out to Mentor me you might need the same thing. You might not. We do some soul-searching folks see what you’re thinking about see what you want to accomplish write it out does extreme power and typing it and even more so I feel sometimes in a pen and a paper in a piece of a pencil good I said backwards yeah I’m not going to correct that we’re leaving so it’s funny. In all seriousness folks I’m dictating this archillect drive home so I can give my wife a break and play with my son and then tennis of my business which will be more writing. Set aside some time so honor your commitments do the things you said you were going to do you will feel so much better when you do what you say you did do done figure out how you want to say it how you think I should have said it write it down on paper and then get your ish done.

How to get a raise at work

23 Jun

How to get a raise at worksimple, maybe not.

Let’s explore a few ways this can be done.

Seek out the competition

Become invaluable to your employer.

Enhance your skill set.

Gain new skills.

Choose Faith over Fear

23 Jun

Choose Faith over Fear

This simple task isn’t so simple.

And it isn’t easily done.

But you need two things, no we need two things:

Faith that God will see us through (HE is faithful to completed).

Faith that you are strong enough to see it through and that it will work out in the end.

Faith is a powerful tool.


23 Jun

As a student of words I come across a lot of writers. Some good, some great. Some epic, some just stealing listens and making money off incoherent pedantic writtens. Kathy Iandoli is in the epic range. A published writer and author with 20 years under her belt- I was more than excited to get a few minutes of her time. While she isn’t what some would call a “classically trained writer” (hey, guess what? Neither am I… shhh), She has a style all her own that connects with her readers and transcends genres. Without further ado let’s get into it.

How did you get into writing as a career?

I first started writing back in ‘99 when The Roots first formed their Okayplayer message boards. I had worked on their street team and would hang out on the boards writing what I guess would now be considered think pieces. Some of the boards people were editors at magazines (shout out to Dove) and I pitched some articles. The rest is history.

Tell us about your past? Schooling, etc, anything you’d like to share.

I actually don’t have a degree in writing. I have my undergrad degree from Montclair State University in Marketing and have my Masters in Music Business at NYU, where I’m now In-Residence lecturing for their Village Records course. I always felt like writing came from within, though I did take Continuing Ed courses at NYU in Magazine Writing just so I knew the basics. Everything else came from my passion for both music and writing.

Do you keep a physical copy of all your articles?

My print articles, yes. I keep two copies of each publication. I’m actually in the process of moving them all to a temperature controlled storage space. Twenty years of clips adds up!

Left or right handed?

Ambidextrous, actually, but I write with my right hand. Anything mechanical, I use my left.

Favorite writing gig to date?

Being an author. It’s not necessarily a “gig” per se, but I love it—even when I’m melting down haha.

Dream writing gig?

A piece in the New Yorker would be nice.

How was it working with Prodigy of Mobb Deep?

Working with P was a dream come true. As a hip-hop legend, he had so much insight and so many stories. As a friend and human, he had a heart of gold and a sense of humor second to none. I miss him every day.

Your top 5 hip hop artists?

Lauryn Hill, Prodigy, Andre3000, Jay-Z, and the last spot rotates.

Favorite music genre?

Hip-Hop, Electronic, female singer/songwriters of the ‘70s, British Rock, some Pop.

What are your long term writing goals?

More books. More writing. More teaching about writing.

One tip for all writers?

In this day and age, writers have become “celebrities” in their own right, showing up on TV, hosting parties, having podcasts, etc. My advice to all writers? Ask yourself if you’d still be writing with no cameras present. That’s how you know this is really for you.


You have to Believe You ARE GoiNG TO WIN!

23 Jun

You have to Believe You ARE GoiNG TO WIN!


If you don’t believe you’re going to win you won’t. I came home to some disconcerting debt mail.

I freaked out, prayed, re-read the mail and realizedI have my faith amd also a systematic approach for this matter and a network of people to reach out to.

Is 10X Hype?

23 Jun

Is 10X Hype?

Note to doctor’s offices and medical practices: Value your patient’s time

23 Jun

Note to doctor’s offices and medical practices: Value your patient’s time

True story.

Every appointment I go to lately with my wife we can have the first appointment and between billing errors and shuffling us aimlessly we waste 2 hours on an 11 minute appointment.

I find it extremely irritating that our time has so little value.

When did making me wait around like a court jester become the norm?

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