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I literally get paid to open emails, play games and do surveys

4 Oct

I literally get paid to open emails, play games and do surveys.

Is it fast cash? No.

Is it guaranteed cash? Yes.

A little bit of free time and a smartphone or tablet and you can make some gas money/grocery money/movie money etc.

Plus referring friends gets you bigger rewards faster.

I play a bubble popper game on my break, money.

I use their search engine, money.

I open emails, money.

And a good bit of these emails actually have links for things like uber eats. So you get paid to sign up to get paid 😉.

Click pics to start earning now


Multiple income streams for the regular joe

23 Jul

You can and should make money on your days off.
Unless you are already independently wealthy.

I kept money in the family by paying my cousin to cut my wife’s hair. This is an economic rule most ignore.

Second, I made 300 dollars in an hour today, my day off which is more than I make at my day job.
I love my job, not quitting, but I do dig making extra loot 😉

Look for money, it will find you.

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