Grapefruit, an Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

2 Apr

Eat healthy, and live right. These are real truths for an entrepreneur to live by.
Grapefruit has a slew of health benefits, so dig in folks. Weight loss, vitamins, and a heart disease fighter. Just like a true entrepreneur it gets it all done.


Watch “The 3 keys to success for entrepreneurs” on YouTube

15 Mar


Watch “Boiler room – Always Be Closing” on YouTube

21 Sep


Entrepreneur 101: Warm Up

9 Jun


Pace yourself aka patience is your friend in the gym and in business

8 Jun

Patience is a virtue my friends. Whether it be your business, your marriage, your goals in or out of the gym- you need to pace yourself. Life is a marathon not a Sprint remember that folks.

Video 9 Jul

$1,000,000 24k Gold Vacuum GoVacuum GV62711 Is The World’s Most Expensive Vacuum Cleaner (by GoVacuums)

Video 8 Jul


Ray Higdon’s $100,000 Silver “Numis” 7 Series BMW | Numis Network | Dale Werner

AKA social proof that anyone can do what he DOES. 

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