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How To Make Money ($) Blogging

27 Dec

How To Make Money ($) Blogging

YOU can make money blogging. Let me repeat that: You can make money blogging. It isn’t fantasy or fiction. Its only a matter of discipline and follow through.
I’ll list a few ways and tips below.

Affiliate Sales.
Love Amazon? Post your affiliate link on your blog for items you recommend. Why not make money off of the very education you culled from various books and sources.
Have a mentor? I do. And he has all kinds of great affiliate options. Not only did I make money but the items I sell are amazing. He packs value into every sale- (Thanks Ray Higdon). Anything that is worth having has an affiliate program. Set your blog up properly and people will click out of sheer curiosity. And we all know that a percentage of all clicks will buy. Free money, too good to be true? No just a click away.

Sell Your Value.
Webinars, courses, mentoring, audios- all have great potential. But the yield is zero if you don’t offer them. Offer webinars once a month for the dedicated few. Then watch that small number become large profits. One on one mentoring is highly profitable. You say, ‘hey tony I don’t know enough to sell jack squat!’. The answer there is look at how many people have 0 knowledge. You zero. If you can help people skip a few pitfalls they will pay. Time is money so why not save them time and make you money. Everyone wins. And for those that don’t want to “create” their competition, sorry folks- competition will only make you stronger if you are truly hungry. Also not everyone who buys will compete. Sell audio courses and mentoring every chance you get. People love freebies so do 3 for 2. Heck do 2 for 5. Its all profit and almost sero risk. You do the math.

adsense and its cohorts.
Adsense and the like can be useful. You may make a great deal of income on the side from it. I’ve used it in the past. The one caveat is that you don’t control directly what they post. I prefer the affiliate route for additional income.

Also don’t just mercilessly plug your primary company over and over. Network marketing is cool, but if all you do is harp on it you lose fans and future teammates. Also your existing company and team members won’t push your blog if its only focused on one product. That laser focus you’re bragging on is cutting into your income potential. It’s cutting your traffic and unique visitors to pieces as well. Focus on traffic. Blog consistently. It will bring you what adsense, and zealous focus on one product doesn’t. .

Talk about only what you know and like.
Don’t waste time talking about cars when Harley Davidson is your poison of choice.
People can smell the authentic. They know if you are wasting their time. It comes out your pores. It is reflected in your words. Make a choice, stick to it. And be original, be you. The readers love that.


“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”
~ Benjamin Franklin

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Action Reading List

3 Nov

Action Reading List

Ok folks I’ve got a few books on my list that I think everyone should read. Its a short list and I’m going to skip Napoleon Hill et al because we as entrepreneurs are inundated with the likes oh him, The Secret, and many others. Not knocking them per say I just think a different avenue and a fewsh eye/perspective is more useful these days.
Let’s face it; the economies changed. The needs of the people have as well. So we as entrepreneurs and marketers need to be innovators and leaders. Not to mention educators, students, and help-mates to the masses.
And in that vein I present you my top 7 books you need to read.

The Charge.
By Brendon Burchard, this book is no nonsense and a great read. Not his first but my first read of his tomes. Recommended to me by the Great Ray Higdon (@rayhigdon).
This book will help clear your focus and activate your drives. Truly groundbreaking in my humble opinion.

Rogue Warrior.
Richard Marcinko’s autobiography of how he started Seal Team Six. This man was an innovator, achiever, and believer. He believed in his country and himself. Nothing stopped him from being the best. Great read with an easy format. A guy in the first mlm I made money with recommended it to me and he was right.

48 Laws of Power.
By Robert Greene, one of my fave reads ever. It is considered ruthless by some but the lessons are useful. Also its historical references and layout are vastly intriguing. I’d buy it twice. I won’t say more because the book speaks for itself.

33 Strategies of War.
Another classic by Robert Greene. I love this guy. Having bought all his books I can clearly tell you that this one is as much a game changer as 48 Laws of Power.

Steve Jobs.
The acclaimed biography by Walter Isaacson is a no holds barred look into the life of Jobs. Indeed it could be called a dig as Isaacson went down the rabbit hole that was Jobs. There is a treasure trove of knowledge to be had here and a great read as well. One of the books that is truly amazing my mind. It excites and inspires at the same time.

The One Minute Millionaire.
Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen, two literary geniuses in their own right with sales that astound. True innovators and creators. The team up for this book is amazing. It has a fictional and factual counterpart wrapped up in one book. Truly amazing and the one book I’ve read as many times as 48 Laws of Power. I literally learn every time I read it. I got it 30% off but after reading it know I would have paid 60% extra to own it.

Rich Dad Poor Dad.
Rober kiyosaki at his best. Some hate him. Some don’t. Overall I like the guy. While I’ve taken his courses too I think I’m going to stick with the books. This first one I have purchased three times. What I do is read it and give my copy to someone else. Its a great book for opening the eyes of the reader.

Heavy Hitters Magazine aka HH.
Not a book but a staple in my collection.
Indeed it is the only magazine I buy. Every two months it features insane quotes, cars, and profiles of self made entrepreneurs. People who most of us can relate to.
The most inspiration you can buy for $6 bucks. Guaranteed.


“It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.”
― Oscar Wilde

“If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.”
― Oscar Wilde

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
― Dr. Seuss, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!

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Job, Career, Your Own Business- You Decide.

11 Sep

Your Own Business-
You Decide.

I think the concept here eludes many people and I intend to divulge the facts! Lol okay I’m having fun but its real talk my friends. Let’s unpack this to see where we all fit.

A job is what it sounds like- it’s just work. It might pay bills. It might be fun. Its not much else. A paper boy has a job. I had that job and it was great for a time. Cool, new and cash paid weekly. However it had no future, benefits and was not fun in the rain. Many adults live that reality and simply trudge back to it day after day. Really going to accept that?

So u want more. You want a career. Nice. Smart choice. You have realized that there is more to working. Work is okay, and it may even get some good coin in your pocket.
Problem is what career?
What do you love?
What is your passion?
So you love that ’52 chevy your dad had. And you bought one and got it going pretty well. Paint is eh, but it runs like a dream. So you have your passion and you figure why not work for Unique Autosports. A lifetime restoring the things you love is time well spent.
Perhaps you love carpentry and you here the local 403 is hiring. Great benefits, overtime, retirement package that is guaranteed. This is really cool! You have 35 years to do what you love, get paid for it, and retire with mula, dinero, cash to boot!
Loving what you do rocks.

-Your Own Business.
Now for the heart of the matter.
So we know a job gets us coin.
A career may be more fulfilling.
And yet the best option is ahead.
In this humble mans opinion having my own business is a breath of fresh air. And while I’m not Warren Buffet or Ray Higdon I know I will be.
Having your own business puts you in the driver seat.
You make your hours.
You choose your clients.
You hire and fire staff instead of being staff. You can’t be fired from your business. You may put in no effort and lose at the game of life but that’s different.
But having your own business puts you in the driver seat.
And sorry folks but that is what built America.
Small business/large business owners, entrepreneurs breathe life into our economy. When you that is you, you rock!
Owning your own business also gives you awesome tax breaks. So that’s a super win. Make money and keep more of what you make.
Owning your own business will give you options you haven’t seen.
I also find it appealing to call my shots. I like my boss- he’s cool. However I want to take the risks, call the shots and reap greater rewards.
You can give back easier with your own business too. The pluses have added up huh?
Now I won’t kid you its a lot of work. And those who make it sacrificed. Yet wouldn’t you want to sacrifice to get ahead?
Furthermore, if you can create residual income you will be free. Let that business you love create income even when you don’t work. A carpenter can do it. A tech, a boss, a cook. And isn’t that the dream?
I like my job- its actually a good career too.
I want more though. I need to make it- on my terms. Its a strong desire I’ve had since 5 or 6 yrs old.

Feel the same?
Made a decision?
Need to step off the path?
Let’s talk.


“We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.” – Jim Rohn

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GIVE PEOPLE!!!! MDA needs us and this link points to my mentors giving channel

24 Aug

MDA needs us and this link points to my mentors giving channel.
I make nothing and gain no love or points. But the people who win are those who are supported by the
Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Give people. Love them. And Ray Higdon has excellent perks starting at $50.00. And if you message me ill show you where he has an even better deal!
However its not just personal gain or karma. Its a call to lead. A call to be who we are meant to be. Join me folks. I gave and I respect you all enough to ask that you do the same.



21 Aug

“Your time management will dictate the velocity of your success.” -Ray Higdon

Traffic’s irrelevant.

13 Aug

Traffic’s Irrelevant.

Ok. Its a total reversal. But traffic is pointless. I think I learned this in two places:
-Ray Higdon.
(@rayhigdon follow and tell him I sent you) Ray Higdons doing away with online affiliate marketing to be his best in one place and one place only.

-And my closing three new students in a week on the strength of my blog.
I’m not an A student. I’m not magna cum laude.
I don’t pen prolific prose at the drop of a dime. Or as it tickles my fancy.
However I do pour my heart into my posts. And yup I missed a few days. Life got hectic.
Injuries, family, moving, bah.
No excuses.
I dropped the ball. What did I learn? Nothing. I just remembered that even Jordan missed shots. Yup, old #23.
So I quit.
I’m not buying SEO. I’m not giving freebies to lure clients. I’m not bribing, buying, or doing the things we do to win. I’m not going to do much of anything. I’m simply going to blog. And do it to the best of my efforts. And I’m going to learn. So I blog better. So you surpass me. So you make it to the top. I won’t lie. I like to win. I love reaching my goals. But when you get there too; or even before I do. That’s better than fine cognac. Its a taste of heaven. And the internet is forever. So my victory will be as well. Shoot for the moon, and get to Mars. The stars’ll always be there.

To close this one out let me make one more point. Missing shots and keep takin’em- its a big deal. Its almost key. However. Being Authentic is the cats meow as my cousin would say. You see I blog what I like when I like. And I blog ME. Any point I make I agree with or will tell you why not. Every I article I write comes to me out of my own little methodology. I stick with my wits and my pen. Well, blackberry these days. I type what’s real. I don’t do fluff pieces or take article gigs. I only write for me and my followers. And of course the people I mentor. They have made me much sharper and I’m blessed to have them.

And so my friends remember:
These two things will sharpen your skills and resolve while increasing your success and personal growth. And in the end you can’t get one without the other. Grow, give. Grow. Give. And all the while; Keep It Real.


“Nothing contributes so much to tranquilize the mind as a steady purpose– a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye.”~
Mary Shelley

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Video 8 Jul


Ray Higdon’s $100,000 Silver “Numis” 7 Series BMW | Numis Network | Dale Werner

AKA social proof that anyone can do what he DOES. 

Video 6 Jul

Ray Higdon’s $100,000 Silver “Numis” 7 Series BMW | Numis Network | Dale Werner

AKA social proof that anyone can do what he DOES. 

Image 23 Jun

Numismatics compared to bullion. Hat tip to @rayhigdon aka Ray Higdon.
Amazing how the same products value can be manipulated.



RT @rayhigdon: Replay from last night, 5 steps to an income producing blog –

17 Jun

From my indirect mentor- Ray Higdon aka @rayhigdon

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