How To Make Money ($) Blogging

27 Dec

How To Make Money ($) Blogging

YOU can make money blogging. Let me repeat that: You can make money blogging. It isn’t fantasy or fiction. Its only a matter of discipline and follow through.
I’ll list a few ways and tips below.

Affiliate Sales.
Love Amazon? Post your affiliate link on your blog for items you recommend. Why not make money off of the very education you culled from various books and sources.
Have a mentor? I do. And he has all kinds of great affiliate options. Not only did I make money but the items I sell are amazing. He packs value into every sale- (Thanks Ray Higdon). Anything that is worth having has an affiliate program. Set your blog up properly and people will click out of sheer curiosity. And we all know that a percentage of all clicks will buy. Free money, too good to be true? No just a click away.

Sell Your Value.
Webinars, courses, mentoring, audios- all have great potential. But the yield is zero if you don’t offer them. Offer webinars once a month for the dedicated few. Then watch that small number become large profits. One on one mentoring is highly profitable. You say, ‘hey tony I don’t know enough to sell jack squat!’. The answer there is look at how many people have 0 knowledge. You zero. If you can help people skip a few pitfalls they will pay. Time is money so why not save them time and make you money. Everyone wins. And for those that don’t want to “create” their competition, sorry folks- competition will only make you stronger if you are truly hungry. Also not everyone who buys will compete. Sell audio courses and mentoring every chance you get. People love freebies so do 3 for 2. Heck do 2 for 5. Its all profit and almost sero risk. You do the math.

adsense and its cohorts.
Adsense and the like can be useful. You may make a great deal of income on the side from it. I’ve used it in the past. The one caveat is that you don’t control directly what they post. I prefer the affiliate route for additional income.

Also don’t just mercilessly plug your primary company over and over. Network marketing is cool, but if all you do is harp on it you lose fans and future teammates. Also your existing company and team members won’t push your blog if its only focused on one product. That laser focus you’re bragging on is cutting into your income potential. It’s cutting your traffic and unique visitors to pieces as well. Focus on traffic. Blog consistently. It will bring you what adsense, and zealous focus on one product doesn’t. .

Talk about only what you know and like.
Don’t waste time talking about cars when Harley Davidson is your poison of choice.
People can smell the authentic. They know if you are wasting their time. It comes out your pores. It is reflected in your words. Make a choice, stick to it. And be original, be you. The readers love that.


“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”
~ Benjamin Franklin

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