I’m too Busy Living my life to build my business

6 Oct

I’m too busy living my life to build my business.

I’m too busy living my life to build my business.
Sadly this statement comes to mean
I’m too busy living my life to live my DREAM. Ouch. What madness- or is it fact?
A lot of people have a million reasons to fail. And a million and ten to thrive. It is simply a matter of choice and will power.

We make choices all the time. From second to second, hour to hour, day to day, year to year. We make more choices than smiles.
And therein lies the first issue.
Are your choices making you smile. If you work a job you hate to have things you are not sure you need. Time to start over. You made the wrong choice buddy. A lot of times life boxes us in and the fastest way out is what we take. However it never quite yields the results we hope for. It may get you second place, but it doesn’t get you where you need to be. I’ve made this mistake. Heck I’ve made it at least once this year, and that’s what’s moved me to grow this blog. Its motivated me to make a choice. One choice.
To blog to my best ability. To blog quite often with the goal being a daily output to this blog of written word. I post pics and other goodies of course, things to motivate the mind and soul. However I want to blog daily in this format. Written word or spoken/filmed word. And I encourage your feedback to get me there. Comments support, criticism, heck curse me. You see I expect this. And if you see my comments received. I have been blessed! Now this relates simply in that I made a Choice.
One choice to navigate through everything else. And I’m hitting speed bumps regularly. I won’t quit though my friends. My choice has been made and my price has been paid. Choose wisely and run the gauntlet.

-Will Power.
Will Power moves us through our choices and beyond them.
Once a choice has been made we must move forward. Fast and clear. With fluid controlled motion and decisions that lead us to success in every motion. Will Power is the force that wakes you to see the next step through on your journey to the top.
Will Power will make you a Giant amongst men. It will get you to heights you could never imagine. The smartest man and the strongest man don’t win- The man with the greatest Will Power wins.
Will Power will take you through struggles and failures.
Will Power makes you walk through the mine field to get to the gold. The man with Will Power will not stop. A lot of us meet adversity and quit within inches of our goal. Not miles, not feet- inches. Will Power when applied moves mountains. Do it my friends.


Life is a grindstone. Whether it grinds us down or polishes us up depends on us. -Thomas L. Holdcroft

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