Is Silver your Financial Safe Haven?

26 Dec

Is Silver your Financial Safe Haven?


Dollar Decline Chart


At first look, most of us would say that the price of gold increased from $20 to $1600/ounce. However this is not accurate. Gold actually still buys the same amount of goods and services that it did in 1933. Gold has basically stayed constant. The dollar’s value fell by a factor of 50- so that it takes 50 times more paper dollars to buy the same amount of goods and services than it did in 1933 (See the price of gas since 2002 alone). Looking forward, we must consider whether the dollar will buy more or less in 10, 20, or even 30 years. The gold you have today will allow you to buy the same amount of goods and services that your money will buy today, 10, 20, or 30 years from now. Viewed from this angle, gold and silver are a way of preserving your wealth. They are a type of wealth insurance.

Many Europeans have long-held 10-20% of their net worth in precious metals for this very purpose. They have a history rich in tragedy: hyperinflation, government changes, borders that have moved and two world wars. Gold’s durability has served them quite well through all sorts of political unrest. In fact, it is perhaps the only constant in a world subject to change.


As gold and precious metals are priced and traded in US dollars, they surge in value when the US dollar declines. As the fed prints trillions in new money, the dollar and basically all other currencies will fall precipitously relative to gold. In an environment where the dollar is already weak and many currencies are weaker, investors that wish to keep and grow their wealth (duh, who doesn’t?) must understand the impact of declining currencies on their portfolios.


The US and Canadian dollars have lost approximately 84 percent of their purchasing power since 1970!  Most other currencies across the globe have fared no better. Not coincidentally, 1971 was the year the link to the gold standard was cut via President Nixon et al. Only gold, and its two precious metals brethren -silver and platinum- are able to hold their respective values in periods of severe inflation and deflation.

Both Gold and silver benefit from negative economic policies, political tensions, and monetary conditions contribute to a rise of their prices. For this reason gold has always been referred to as the “crisis commodity” and why investors are buying all the gold they can afford.  And the same may be said for silver.

The below trends weaken stocks and other paper investments and cause the price of gold and silver to rise:



High Oil Prices

Weakness in the U.S. dollar

Budget Deficits

Stock & Bond Market Turmoil

Bank Failures

Loan Defaults

This being said is it any wonder people are buying gold as fast as they can?  Every time it drops a 100 dollars people buy asap.  Are you following that trend?  If so you are smart.

However the trend in silver is the same and gains can be realized faster.

For the sake of discussion lets assume gold is 1600 dollars an ounce and silver is 30 dollars an ounce.  Gold is seen as the big boy in the group but silver affords the real opportunity to max out your portfolio.  For every 1 ounce of gold you can  buy53+ ounces of silver.  Now you might say the dollar value is the same but silver is slept on my friends.  It is used in almost every electronic in your house.  Also in my opinion silver is the sleeper buy.  it will rise faster when the ‘isht’ really hits the fan.  But lets talk turkey- I can’t afford to buy gold at these prices, who can?  However we can all afford to buy silver.  it is even sold in half ounces and quarter ounces.with these small denominations possible for purchase I would argue that we all have a chance to build wealth and create our own hedges against inflation.  after all do you work 35-40 hours a week to just hand it all over to the government, the corner store, cable and the rest of the creature comfort providers?  I’d bet not  So lets work the legal methodologies provided us by the system.


“Gold is the wealth of kings……
Silver is the wealth of gentlemen……
Barter is the wealth of peasants……
Debt is the wealth slaves!!!!!”

-Norm Franz.

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