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Don’t eat that Frog, Murder it!

17 Oct

I know the eat that frog Philosophy is quite popular and effective,  but this is a way I dig.

By conquering the small tasks first you gain momentum. A lot of people get scared by their to do lists and that fear leads to paralysis. If you are a scared rabbit running from your tasks you will fail at any and every endeavor. 

Make a list. 

Sort said list so that the easiest tasks are at the top. 

Leave  a space between task groups.

This will be more of a simulated break that will give you a mental breather.

Next, bang out the 3 easiest task on your list.

Oh and folks, don’t make the list more than 9-11 items long.

Call them action agenda items, or whatever you want,  just keep the list short. 

Think of it like the benchpress,  the bar is going to come down, you just have to push past the middle.

Live Brolic! 

14 Oct

I’ve been harping on this, 
My bad.

But my goals and dreams have gotten bigger in the last 4 months. About 40% on top of the last 40% in 2 month increments. 

The point

I have reached a point where the basic 9 – 5 is almost a waste of my time. I want so much more out of my life. I have Big wants and big needs coupled with a desire to succeed beyond the wildest dreams of the most successful entrepreneur on the planet.

And I’ve had to stretch… A LOT. 

I’m quite uncomfortable these days, but I actually sleep better.

Why? How?

I’m working a path I want and believe in! 
Are you with me? 

Live Brolic! 

Success is a Daily process, you might call it Progress 

4 Oct

“People seem to forget that taking it “day by day” isn’t a problematic way to live. Taking it day by day becomes problematic when you periodically go days without action. You don’t have to make a million dollars overnight, and quite frankly 99% of people NEVER will. Allow yourself to enjoy the process – it’s all about creating a sustainable outcome. I don’t care how long it takes you to get there, because honestly most people make an immediate return once they do. As the parable of the tortoise and the hare reveals – slow and steady wins the race. Seriously, don’t overwhelm yourself with problems that don’t even exist. Relax and enjoy your journey”

Live Brolic !

21 Sep

to a book or a business system.

There are numerous ways to get to the dinero.
But it is a choice. 

And not only a choice but a COMMITMENT.

You know, is he serious? 

As a heart attack. 

Make up your mind,

Make a simple plan,

Find a mentor,

Follow that plan, 

Make that money!
Yeah it is that hard and that simple simultaneously. 

Live Brolic!

10 Ways to Make a Great First Impression

13 Jun

Amy Cuddy says people answer one question when they first meet you — and that answer lays the foundation for a business relationship.

Source: A Harvard Psychologist Says This Trait Matters Most: 10 Ways to Make a Great First Impression | Inc.com

A Great Leader Is a Great Executor

10 Jun

An interview with Adena T. Friedman, president and chief operating officer of Nasdaq, the stock exchange operator.

Source: A Great Leader Is a Great Executor

Shocking leak exposes corruption, secret accounts linked to Putin, Assad, FIFA | Washington Examiner

4 Apr

Millions of sensitive documents were leaked from a large and secretive Panama wealth services firm, according to reports Sunday.The nonprofit Center for Public Integrity said the leak exposes a cast of characters who use offshore companies to facilitate bribery, arms deals, tax evasion, financial fraud and drug trafficking.Behind the email chains, invoices and documents that make up the Panama Papers are often unseen victims of wrongdoing enabled by this shadowy industry, the center said in a report.The report sparked speculation about corruption linking prime ministers, plutocrats and criminals. The Prime Minisister of Iceland walked out of an interview when asked about ties to a tax haven exposed by the leak.

Source: Shocking leak exposes corruption, secret accounts linked to Putin, Assad, FIFA | Washington Examiner

AI can predict if you’re the next Zuckerberg

13 Mar

Two entrepreneurs have created an AI system that can recognize the early signals that someone could become a successful start-up founder.

Source: AI can predict if you’re the next Zuckerberg

Central Banks’ New World of Negative Rates and Cash – Bloomberg Business

1 Feb

Gabriel Stein, asset management director at Oxford Economics, and James Bevan, chief investment officer at CCLA Investment Management, discuss the implications of a negative rate environment and investors’ rush to cash. They speak on “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Source: Central Banks’ New World of Negative Rates and Cash – Bloomberg Business

One Billion People Now Use WhatsApp | WIRED

1 Feb

That’s about one in seven people on Earth.

Source: One Billion People Now Use WhatsApp | WIRED

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