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Free ebook:Practical DevOps

23 Oct

Practical DevOps ($23 Value) FREE For a Limited Time

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Free ebook: Linux Networking Cookbook

25 Sep

We aren’t fully back from hurricane Irma but here is something to get the ball rolling.

“Linux Networking Cookbook ($17  Value) FREE For a Limited Time”

Leatherman’s New Watch Puts Tools and Time on Your Wrist | WIRED

7 Aug

Trainee robot office manager Betty starts two month trial as artificial intelligence enters workplace – Mirror Online

16 Jun


And you thought robots would only replace the plebes…

Your job,  is no longer yours. 

No, in fact your job won’t be Betty the robots for long either once ai is meshed with internal circuitry running through the office/factory/lodge/restaurant. 

Times are changing fast.
Isn’t it time you stopped leaving your economic destiny in the hands of others?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know where not just the next check is coming from bit the next 30?
The next 60?!

Read the writing on the wall and get back to me.

Live Brolic!

How to Kill Android Apps Running in the Background | Digital Trends

16 Jun

Photo by Jeffrey Van Camp/Digital trends

AI can predict if you’re the next Zuckerberg

13 Mar

Two entrepreneurs have created an AI system that can recognize the early signals that someone could become a successful start-up founder.

Source: AI can predict if you’re the next Zuckerberg

Plugging in this date will permanently crash your iPhone

16 Feb

A bug in the iPhone’s date settings could permanently crash your phone.

Source: Plugging in this date will permanently crash your iPhone

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