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Free Leadership Ebook: Gary Burnison’s The Leadership Journey – How to Master the Four Critical Areas of Being a Great Leader eBook

8 Aug

​hey folks it’s a free leadership ebook just download it in ebook format we can all be better leaves right? 

Enjoy the read folks. 

live brolic!


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Business tip of the week: Answer Your emails!

27 Jul

Business tip of the week: Answer emails from coworkers employees and prospective customers immediately. 

So folks I had a guy offer me a job and I was actually excited to take it as a side job to build revenue so I could put money into my business as this will be short-term. 

However the terms changed; which happens in business

We can all relate to that

However, when I was trying to get some finalized answers on how we would proceed I had to wait 24 hours for one answer and now it’s been 24 hours without the finalized answer to this first answer. Now if that sounds convoluted it is because it is convoluted. 

There is no reason not to give bad news good news or just any news that relates to a business transaction or business Endeavor as fast as you humanely can. 

Now most of my readers know you need to answer the prospective client ASAP No Doubt -but folks let’s not forget to answer the people we work with, we may work with, we work for, we work alongside, Pick a way you want to say that -but it is a common courtesy to make sure you answer all the emails from a person you get not just the ones you feel comfortable- or between your PS4 games or in those other little distractions you have.

 Good business is consistent communication.


18 Feb

It isn’t the smartest guy in the room who wins the game or takes home the prize-

Its the guy who implements properly.

Makes sense right?

Well I missed it for a few years even though I intuitively knew it.
Earlier this morning while watching a competitors online presentation I had this epiphany.
I had my laptop on mute and I was even multitasking! And yet I noticed one glaring flaw in his pitch. his spelling and grammar were horrible.
Now I’m not a stickler for the rules by any means but this seemed bad to me. He was selling me- almost. Then I saw the whole package and was sold. Yup. Spelling or not I wanted his package and its price was good.
It was then I realized that I was a fool. Lol.

You see he had a great presentation.
A great product.
And he had me hooked.
He also had my email on his marketing list.
The winning move was that he implemented and acted faster.
If you have an idea- ACT ON IT.
Write down your idea.
Map out a course of action.

That’s 90% of life. And 100% of business.
Well it’s 90% in both cases but if you don’t act you don’t win.


“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right” –Napoleon Hill

Thoughts? Concerns?
Questions? Think I’m wrong?
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