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Serve your Customers and You WILL Succeed 

13 Aug

Free audio book on Amazon: The Man who knew too Much

23 Jul

Another free book on Amazon.

This may not be directly business related but I am encouraging my followers to read more, a habit I have re-membraced with vigor.

Amazon launches its own clothing brands | The Verge

25 Feb

Source: Amazon launches its own clothing brands | The Verge

FREE Kindle E-Book: Marketing Metrics: The Definitive Guide to Measuring Marketing WAS $49.99

3 Feb


Image 5 Nov

Nook Tablet expected to be unveiled Monday. From:Reuters
NEW YORK (TheWrap) – When Amazon unveiled its first tablet, the Kindle Fire, in September, most tech experts and analysts predicted it would be the first real challenger to Apple’s iPad.

Now, before the Kindle Fire has even debuted, Engadget is reporting that a familiar foe is also entering the tablet market — Barnes & Noble.

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