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Free Photoshop course? HECK YEAH!!!

14 Aug

Click pic for access

Udemy offers the Photoshop Beginners Mastery: Zero to Hero in Photoshop Course for $10. 

Coupon code “LEARN_PHOTOSHOP” makes it free. That’s $50 off!!!!

And It includes 40 lectures.

Hat tip to Dealnews.

Hope this is valuable for my readers, it has been for me. The more you know the better you can handle all that comes with being a leader, boss, entrepreneur, king.

Live Brolic!

Serve your Customers and You WILL Succeed 

13 Aug

Free Leadership Ebook: Gary Burnison’s The Leadership Journey – How to Master the Four Critical Areas of Being a Great Leader eBook

8 Aug

​hey folks it’s a free leadership ebook just download it in ebook format we can all be better leaves right? 

Enjoy the read folks. 

live brolic!


 Click pic for download
Downloads of Gary Burnison’s The Leadership Journey – How to Master the Four Critical Areas of Being a Great Leader eBook for free in exchange for information about you and your company.  This Deal ends August 16, 2017

Pick Your Poison: Passion or Stress

16 Oct

From @mookmillionsceo –  

“If you find yourself working at a job you don’t love, in a relationship with someone you don’t love, or hanging with people that don’t love you, make a change. Stress kills. Passion is the compass that makes life more enjoyable. I refuse to waste time and energy on futile situations. If the love isn’t there, neither am I.” 

Live Brolic! 

Your son is watching,  so kick @$$ and take names! Aka Conquer or GO HOME!

11 Oct

You are the example in your world. You have the gut, ideas, passion, and the ability to move mountains if you put your mind to it. Don’t give up, ever. Find ways to pivot, shift your energy and develop your leadership style more, SLOW DOWN to speed up, but never quit on what is important to you.

 Live Brolic?!

6 Oct


Have a dream, make it into small steps and goals, and then FOCUS.
INTENSE focus on your goals is a prerequisite. Period. 

Accomplishing your goals requires intense focus. 

Or stick with your day job and build someone else a dream life.

You choose. 

Live Brolic! 

Know your Worth

15 Sep

​If you place a small value on yourself, rest assured the world’s will not raise the price.

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