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Infographic: 10 Powerful Body Language Tips

16 Mar

Infographic: 10 Powerful Body Language Tips

Monsterfully powerful.

Your body language speaks volumes so be sure you control what is being said, hey, it’s you saying it, right?

Uber’s first self-driving car pulls out onto the streets of Pittsburgh – Roadshow

10 Jun

Everyone loves Uber.

It’s hip, trendy, and an industry disruptor.

ALL the elements of a good spy novel.

Okay, I’m kidding.  This is no Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

However there is a side to this story I’m betting most people have missed- The job killer this will be. 

UBER, while providing new forms of jobs is killing its predecessor jobs.

But I’m not talking about those jobs.

I’m talking about the multiple industries and service industries that will disappear when the cars don’t need us.


Now, why is this important to you?

Simple- are you waiting for UBer or one of its’ Silicon Valley friends to disrupt the industry that you eek out a living from?

IS your income/salary/living in someone elses hands?


Not long ago I realized I’d never be paid what I was worth as long as I had a boss.

It was a sobering thought, but liberating as well.

Want to join me in firing “The Boss?”

Are you ready to live up to your full potential?

Let’s chat.

Live Brolic!


The ride-sharing company hopes its autonomous vehicles will help cut congestion in cities and reduce the number of traffic accidents.

Source: Uber’s first self-driving car pulls out onto the streets of Pittsburgh – Roadshow

A Great Leader Is a Great Executor

10 Jun

An interview with Adena T. Friedman, president and chief operating officer of Nasdaq, the stock exchange operator.

Source: A Great Leader Is a Great Executor


Value vs worth

23 May


Always remember you are highly valuable
Everyone has a skill set that once recognized and honed can change the world.

Heck if you change 3 lives- isn’t it all worth it?

Live Brolic!

How to Deal With Burnout – Fortune

27 Feb

Source: How to Deal With Burnout – Fortune

No Article tonight, just Read Mark Cuban’s article

9 Feb

Not pushing his agenda in any way shape or form.
I simply want people to hear what a self made BILLIONAIRE thinks.

Read how he writes.
See how he writes. That’s it folks.
Link below.

Some Thoughts on the Presidential Race and SocioCapitalism – Updated

Live Brolic!

Get it done

19 Jan

So the powerball was almost 2 billion dollars last week.

And I saw people pooling money, flying into New York city from all over the country, and buying more tickets outside of their group purchase.

All in hopes of achieving some grand dream of having wealth.

And guess what?
None of em won a red cent.
Yup. That’s right.

And what came next you ask?
They itched and moaned about how no one from New York ever wins.
How it ain’t right.
How they would work and not be greedy if they had won…
What a load of malarkey.

Now instead of this wasted cash, time and energy – why didn’t any of these people say “F that noise! I’m going to build my own dream!”

If all energy is focused on a realistic goal, even if it is baby steps to start, then the lottery and who won it becomes irrelevant.

Lesson here: don’t waste your time on pipe dreams when there are opportunities right in front of you if you simply train the brain to see them.
More on that later this month.

Live Brolic!

Think BIG, Think Positive

15 Nov

Your thoughts dictate your future. Period.
Focus your mind.
Think big. Dream big.

These two actions come before massive growth in your life, business, mlm, et al.

Wake up and think of 3 things you are grateful for. Then make sure you spend 90 seconds focusing on what it is you will do, and what that will yield.

Today you will cold call 20 people. And in the near future this action will yield your first Porsche.

This mindset will work.
Simply substitute the cold calling and the Porsche for what it is you aim to accomplish and obtain.

Live Brolic!‎

FDR on the Power Of Your Mind

26 Jan

Consider these wise words from Franklin D. Roosevelt: 

“Men are not prisoners of fate, but prisoners of their own minds.” He is absolutely right.

5 New Year’s Resolutions – Make it 1

26 Dec

5 New Year’s Resolutions – Make it 1.

Here in New York Christmas has passed and while some people are chasing day after sales here at Change In Advance we are plotting on taking over the world.
Growth is our goal for the company, the employees, the clients, and the world.
A better you everyday is what we do. Period.

That’s it. And as such we have the simple message that is the title of this article.
For 2015 you don’t need 5 resolutions.
You don’t need 2 resolutions.
You only need 1.

For 2015 focus all your efforts on a singular change that will move you forward. Reshaping one area of your life- be it health, wealth, relationships, picking up your old paintbrush, or writing that novel you have in the kitchen drawer- Do It.

Focused, concerted efforts are key to moving you into a successful 2015.
If you blog- blog everyday. Don’t blog and then do youtube. You will burn out- pun intended ;). Less is more. Apply all of your effort to just one thing and the results will blow your mind. This is how bodybuilders excel.
This is how MLM masters recruit and build huge downlines.
It is also how McDonalds excels. It has one goal- sustainable systems that anyone can duplicate.
And who doesn’t know their brand?
Get the message?
I’m so sure you do that I’m signing off.


No one goes to the Olympics for silver.

Thoughts? Concerns?
Questions? Think I’m wrong?
Let’s chat.
Need ideas?
Want to learn how to invite?
Let’s chat.
Want a mentor or maybe the guy who will bounce ideas back and forth with you?
Let’s chat-


Or simply reply to this article.

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