11 Nov

This post is super quick, super concise.


That’s it.
Nothing to say.

Okay, I’m lying. I have an opinion as always.
You can’t have a successful team without Quality Leadership.
You can force people to perform.
You can make a team move by instilling fear as well.

And that’s the fools method.

A great team is build with the Leader as the foundation.
And this doesn’t make the leader better.
It makes the leader more responsible, and more accountable.
What’s the difference you say?

A leader is responsible for getting it done. He or she organizes and disperses to achieve quality.

A leader is accountable for all that occurs.
When it goes right the leader reaps the accolades.
And when things go wrong the leader is who reaps the blame and the cost.
It costs to BE the Boss.

So the question is not are you ready to be the boss.
You can learn on the job.
You can focus and search out inspiration and skills.
Momentum can be created, no question.

The question is are you willing to be the boss?
Will you do what it takes to succeed?
Will you put others ahead of you?
Will you make payroll if it means skipping your check?
Will you take the blame? Take the fall?
Are you able to hold everyone together while your faith is shaky?

Being the boss is a privilege not a gift.



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