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You are what YOU Think

31 Mar

You are what YOU Think

It isn’t complicated folks, You are quite literally the sum of your thoughts.

The winner is a winner and the loser is a loser. If in your mind you tell yourself that you are an Olympiate- so you are.
Conversely, if your inner monologue dictates a zero sum worth, guess what happens- you are the loser you believe yourself to be. There is nothing so powerful as our thoughts.

In Think and Grow Rich we are introduced to Edwin C. Barnes whose unshakable belief in one idea lead him to it. His unwavering belief that he would partner with Edison got him exactly that, and made him vastly rich to boot.

Another example of this concept can be seen in gyms around the world:
Guy joins gym.
Guy lifts weights.
Guy lifts a lil more.
Then guy goes to lift a vastly larger some on the bench-press (substitute any preferred exercise that helps you visualize this better ).
How does he marshal the courage and physical ability to do so?
It is more than the weights and training and dedication.
It is the belief that he will lift the weight and do so properly despite the sheer poundage over his head.

we are always in control of our thoughts- so think grand, visualize amazingly, and succeed!!!


Think BIG, Think Positive

15 Nov

Your thoughts dictate your future. Period.
Focus your mind.
Think big. Dream big.

These two actions come before massive growth in your life, business, mlm, et al.

Wake up and think of 3 things you are grateful for. Then make sure you spend 90 seconds focusing on what it is you will do, and what that will yield.

Today you will cold call 20 people. And in the near future this action will yield your first Porsche.

This mindset will work.
Simply substitute the cold calling and the Porsche for what it is you aim to accomplish and obtain.

Live Brolic!‎

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