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Fastest way to Save $3000.00 a year: Brown Bag your Lunch

3 Sep

I have an amazing tip to save the average Joe $3,000.00 a year: Bring your lunch to work.



If you do the math you spend an average of $5 a day time 5 days a week, which is $25 a week at 4 weeks minimum.

I know the average Joe actually thinks that because they work for a living they deserve a better lunch maybe a better breakfast and even a better dinner depending on your shift. So it becomes more like $20 a day. Which is $100 a week. Times 52 weeks. That is $5200.00 a year.

The average between the 2 is roughly 3 grand usd.

In 5 years you have $15,000.00 dollars. Now that is a house down payment, aka a rental property…

You see where I’m going?

Are you willing to eatess from those who live outside your home?

Infographic: 9 Superhero Money Saving Habits

29 Aug

As promised we are adding content on mamaging your every day life, not just your business.

The above Infographic: 9 Superhero Money Saving Habits is a superb place to start your journey.

I can teach you to be a successful entrepreneur without a question. Now if I can’t get you to manage your own finances on a daily basis all the money in the world will go down the pisser.

Let’s work at making us all better stewards of our money, better, connoisseurs of our daily habits, our time, and finally better entrepreneurs.


You get what you pay for 

25 Oct

Don’t tell me I’m expensiveTell yourself the truth. You know I am worth the cash. More than worth it. You just don’t want to pay me as you actually know me.  

This is a consistent issue for many entrepreneurs in any and every field. People will always want a discount. And more often than not they will hen peck you from the beginning to the end. And likely after! What you as an entrepreneur have to determine is if you will take less money for the same task.

Your price should be set in stone with the only caveat being for networking and big boy deals. There is nothing wrong with helping get out mom or grandpa Rufus. However, the only deals you cut should be for building your empire. Ie if the client to wants a deal on a volume and can pay up front, or wants a long term relationship where you both thrive, then by all means go ham!! A deal that nets you profit or future profit is fine.

What isn’t fine is accepting less than you are worth.

Set your worth. Period.

Live Brolic!

Monday Minute: Money is a necessity by Mook Millions 

19 Sep

Money is a necessary component in our everyday living. People love money and the idea of spending it. Too many people are looking for handouts opposed to generating income on their own. Everyone is a boss, yet most would rather work for someone else opposed to investing in themselves. Get your mind right.” 

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Take the Leap of Faith 

31 Aug

This is fantastically factual. 

I’ve taken 3 HUGE leaps of Faith in the last month.

And damn have I been blessed!!!!!!!
When you step out on faith everything will change,  but it will change based on how you embrace it.

In fear or in true faith. 

We were meant to live lives of greatness not wage slavery. 

Step out on faith and I’ll see you on the other side. 

Shocking leak exposes corruption, secret accounts linked to Putin, Assad, FIFA | Washington Examiner

4 Apr

Millions of sensitive documents were leaked from a large and secretive Panama wealth services firm, according to reports Sunday.The nonprofit Center for Public Integrity said the leak exposes a cast of characters who use offshore companies to facilitate bribery, arms deals, tax evasion, financial fraud and drug trafficking.Behind the email chains, invoices and documents that make up the Panama Papers are often unseen victims of wrongdoing enabled by this shadowy industry, the center said in a report.The report sparked speculation about corruption linking prime ministers, plutocrats and criminals. The Prime Minisister of Iceland walked out of an interview when asked about ties to a tax haven exposed by the leak.

Source: Shocking leak exposes corruption, secret accounts linked to Putin, Assad, FIFA | Washington Examiner

Not As Many Americans Saving For Retirement, Study Finds « CBS Los Angeles

4 Apr

It is never too late to improve your finances.

Looking for a plan?

A solution?

Or maybe just a second set of eyes?

Let’s chat.


Live Brolic!



Sailing off into the sunset may just be a dream for many who still need to work to save.

Source: Not As Many Americans Saving For Retirement, Study Finds « CBS Los Angeles

Man moves to San Francisco, pays $400 a month to sleep in wooden box in friends’ living room – The Washington Post

3 Apr

“I really don’t feel like I’ve taken a hit in terms of my quality of life,” 25 year-old Peter Berkowitz said. “I don’t really notice I live in the pod anymore.”

Source: Man moves to San Francisco, pays $400 a month to sleep in wooden box in friends’ living room – The Washington Post

IRS Lack of Action on Mortality Rates Helps Company Pension Plans in 2016

21 Mar

U.S. companies with defined-benefit pension plans will save at least $18 billion in 2016 because the Internal Revenue Service has yet to adopt updated assumptions on how long Americans are living, Moody’s Investors Service says.

Source: IRS Lack of Action on Mortality Rates Helps Company Pension Plans in 2016

Costco will Not save You money

19 Mar

Now I’m all for being Frugal, no question about it.
However a lot of people are trading their most valuable resource for a few pennies.
So you wait in line 20 minutes to save 7 cents a gallon on 9 gallons to fill your Honda.
Good job. You are a smart consumer.

Wrong mind set- and here’s is why:
63 cents is nothing compared to the almost half hour you lost.

Was that time income producing?
Could you recruit someone into your primary business in that time?
I’ve seen a good marketer close in 5 minutes.
Even if all you get is a lead/phone number- the practice alone is worth more than 63 cents, especially to a newbie.

Should you be saving money?
All the time.

Should you be losing time?
Now if you are practically broke, maybe this works for you.
But if you are that broke than it just might be time to repurpose a lot of your time and build a business that takes your financial situation out of the hands of others.

Remember there is no sense in being stupid and cent savvy.

Let’s chat.

Live Brolic!

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