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Mark Cuban on Success

23 Jun

“When you look at where you put in your time, where you put in your effort, that tends to be the things that you are good at. And if you put in enough time, you tend to get really good at it,” he says. “If you put in enough time, and you get really good, I will give you a little secret: Nobody quits anything they are good at because it is fun to be good. It is fun to be one of the best.”- Mark Cuban

This is akin to me of the mindset greed is good.

Now I’m not suggesting Mark is greedy, or that greed is good- by no means is that my point.  What I am saying is that when we focus on the pursuit of what feels good we will win. I enjoy seeing my writing on blogs and magazines.  I’ve written for decades now and as a craft I always pursued it because I was good at it. Do I love it?


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But the last main push as a writer came with me trying to make side income.  It wasn’t for the pleasure or the glory or the Hugo award et al. I am not a Rhodes scholar- I wanted beer money (only half kidding). I knew I could make money writing, so I wrote. It was that simple.  And it felt great to focus on a strength and have it earn me money.

From where I stand there is no loss in focusing on your strengths instead of your passions.  I’m passionate about bodybuilding and lifting weights, but I don.t see a Mr. Olympia in my future. Yet. But as someone who has written for 30 years I have seen the work I put into this skill profit me.

And it feels GOOD.


How to win at network marketing 

18 Oct

Does Winning mean everything to you?

What is Victory?

Answer this and comment for step 2.

Live Brolic?!

Pick Your Poison: Passion or Stress

16 Oct

From @mookmillionsceo –  

“If you find yourself working at a job you don’t love, in a relationship with someone you don’t love, or hanging with people that don’t love you, make a change. Stress kills. Passion is the compass that makes life more enjoyable. I refuse to waste time and energy on futile situations. If the love isn’t there, neither am I.” 

Live Brolic! 

14 Oct

I’ve been harping on this, 
My bad.

But my goals and dreams have gotten bigger in the last 4 months. About 40% on top of the last 40% in 2 month increments. 

The point

I have reached a point where the basic 9 – 5 is almost a waste of my time. I want so much more out of my life. I have Big wants and big needs coupled with a desire to succeed beyond the wildest dreams of the most successful entrepreneur on the planet.

And I’ve had to stretch… A LOT. 

I’m quite uncomfortable these days, but I actually sleep better.

Why? How?

I’m working a path I want and believe in! 
Are you with me? 

Live Brolic! 

13 Oct

–  A lot of people know they are in a bad situation and need to change, but they don’t.
 Maybe you don’t have enough money to make ends meet or you are in a bad relationship. My question to you is how long will this be good enough for you?

 In order for things to change we must do like He says find the guys and take action to make it happen. You can! 

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Your son is watching,  so kick @$$ and take names! Aka Conquer or GO HOME!

11 Oct

You are the example in your world. You have the gut, ideas, passion, and the ability to move mountains if you put your mind to it. Don’t give up, ever. Find ways to pivot, shift your energy and develop your leadership style more, SLOW DOWN to speed up, but never quit on what is important to you.

 Live Brolic?!

Follow up to the last post

9 Oct

Never forget your worth. 

You are only  worth what you believe you are. 

Want to close your prospects, Actively Listen to them

8 Oct

So you want to close your prospects and increase your sales in your direct marketing/mlm and recruiting business.

The best advice anyone is going to give you isn’t new.

It isn’t groundbreaking.

Heck, it’s probably older than the dinosaur!

Listen to understand. Period.

Hear what they say, think on it, wait a lil bit more, ask yourself what it means, then maybe, jusssssssssst maybe you reply. 

You see, often times everything you need to know to close the deal, or know to walk away comes out of the other person’s mouth- if, if, YOU are listening.

Listen, don’t just hear, and your sales will increase.

Your recruiting will increase. 

Success across the board – WILL INCREASE. 


6 Oct


Have a dream, make it into small steps and goals, and then FOCUS.
INTENSE focus on your goals is a prerequisite. Period. 

Accomplishing your goals requires intense focus. 

Or stick with your day job and build someone else a dream life.

You choose. 

Live Brolic! 

Think first, then market your mlm….

5 Oct

This is so simple a strategy most will skip it. 

Taking action is great, mandatory as a matter of fact. 

However, a little bit of thought can take you a long way. Ask Elon Musk Mark Cuban or any other self-made man and I guarantee you they will tell you that they had to plot and plan and follow that with massive action. And guaranteed this was also followed with moments of thought given to tweak every plan every single mundane nuance. 





Live Brolic! 

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