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13 Oct

–  A lot of people know they are in a bad situation and need to change, but they don’t.
 Maybe you don’t have enough money to make ends meet or you are in a bad relationship. My question to you is how long will this be good enough for you?

 In order for things to change we must do like He says find the guys and take action to make it happen. You can! 

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Your son is watching,  so kick @$$ and take names! Aka Conquer or GO HOME!

11 Oct

You are the example in your world. You have the gut, ideas, passion, and the ability to move mountains if you put your mind to it. Don’t give up, ever. Find ways to pivot, shift your energy and develop your leadership style more, SLOW DOWN to speed up, but never quit on what is important to you.

 Live Brolic?!

Want to close your prospects, Actively Listen to them

8 Oct

So you want to close your prospects and increase your sales in your direct marketing/mlm and recruiting business.

The best advice anyone is going to give you isn’t new.

It isn’t groundbreaking.

Heck, it’s probably older than the dinosaur!

Listen to understand. Period.

Hear what they say, think on it, wait a lil bit more, ask yourself what it means, then maybe, jusssssssssst maybe you reply. 

You see, often times everything you need to know to close the deal, or know to walk away comes out of the other person’s mouth- if, if, YOU are listening.

Listen, don’t just hear, and your sales will increase.

Your recruiting will increase. 

Success across the board – WILL INCREASE. 


Mediocrity is Death!

1 Oct

​The below is from an entrepreneur I’m proud to call my friend- Mook Millions. His quick jewels often motivate me for days on end.

Mediocre people will lead you towards a mediocre life. Choose your environments and surroundings wisely. The proper settings combined with the right people will propel you to a greater level. Eliminate the distractions and subtractions. Vibe with those who add to your life. 

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Fastest way to a 6 figure Income: Find a mentor ASAP!

30 Sep

So today is quick tip is pretty simple. 

No fuss no muss. No 6 steps to success, no sales tools, no funnels, no recruiting Mastery- none of that.

Simply put if you want a six-figure income and you want it fast then you need a mentor.

The fastest way to accomplish the goal of a six-figure income is to seek out an individual who was already done when you were attempting to get done. I don’t care if you have an MBA or your lawyer or a doctor. I don’t care if you’re a chess master heck you could be an astronaut and all of that is irrelevant. 

What will Propel you to the top is finding a mentor, listening to everything they tell you,and applying it.

I recently embarked on a new career path that I know can get me to 6 figures. And I have a good supervisor and a good management team but what’s going to get me to the six figures is this one guy in the office who has shown me that he sees worth in me- rather he sees value and since he believes in me he is going to set aside a lot of his time to make sure that I hit my income goals. Now what is key here that some people will definitely miss is his belief in me. Your mentor should not only be excellent at what they do and excellent duplicating what they do but they should have a firm belief in you. Let’s recap:

1- get a mentor.

2- make sure they can duplicate their system. 

3- make sure they believe in you.

Live Brolic! 

School is for Suckers!!!

30 Sep

Education will take you far,

But being self taught will take you farther. 

I quit a job a guy with an MBA got fired from. 

I knew to roll. 

He has a strike on his pedigree. 

Not to mention we were in the same job and I haven’t finished college. 

My dad always stressed common sense.

Now that I’m older, I see it isn’t all that common.

Thanks dad.

Live Brolic!

The consolation prize for not getting into Harvard or Stanford

2 Apr

Yet another reason why investing in a high priced degree is probably not worth the effort when you can make 6 figures.

Education is important but a solid foundation that ensures you have wealth for generations and financial freedom now…?

Yeah, bet that sounds better. Let’s chat.


Live Brolic!!!



Didn’t get into an Ivy League university? Neither did most people. It’s going to be all right.

Source: The consolation prize for not getting into Harvard or Stanford

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