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19 Aug

Via @michaelhardle –  ANCHORS OR ENGINES

In our lives each of us have anchors or engines.
Anchors are people who drag us down or hold us in place. They stop of from moving forward or progressing in life.
Engines are the people who push us forward or motivate us to improve. They help us improve and get further along in life.
The tricky part is sometimes anchors sneak up on you. You may not even realize they are an anchor weighing you down. Sometimes it’s only when you’re free that you realize how they were holding you back.
It’s also important to look at yourself and identify which one you are! Are you weighing those around you down or pushing them forward in life? 

Identify you are anchors and engines and treat each accordingly!

Live Brolic!

Mediocrity is Death!

1 Oct

​The below is from an entrepreneur I’m proud to call my friend- Mook Millions. His quick jewels often motivate me for days on end.

Mediocre people will lead you towards a mediocre life. Choose your environments and surroundings wisely. The proper settings combined with the right people will propel you to a greater level. Eliminate the distractions and subtractions. Vibe with those who add to your life. 

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You will be the sum of those you Surround yourself with

12 Nov

Tony Robbins is spot on here.

This may just be more important than the ever popular “your network determines your networth”.

Who are you spending time with?
Do the add to your life?
Do they hold you to a higher standard or just buy you rounds @ happy hour?

Surround yourself with those who add value to your life and those who enrich your soul.

Live Brolic!

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