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Episode 3, stepping out in faith and not fear is out!

7 Oct

Episode 3, stepping out in faith and not fear is out!

Episode 3 of the change in advance podcast is out!
Let me know your thoughts.
This one is double the length of the prior 2 episodes.

God is good as I find I am enjoying this and may have found my voice.

Want to close your prospects, Actively Listen to them

8 Oct

So you want to close your prospects and increase your sales in your direct marketing/mlm and recruiting business.

The best advice anyone is going to give you isn’t new.

It isn’t groundbreaking.

Heck, it’s probably older than the dinosaur!

Listen to understand. Period.

Hear what they say, think on it, wait a lil bit more, ask yourself what it means, then maybe, jusssssssssst maybe you reply. 

You see, often times everything you need to know to close the deal, or know to walk away comes out of the other person’s mouth- if, if, YOU are listening.

Listen, don’t just hear, and your sales will increase.

Your recruiting will increase. 

Success across the board – WILL INCREASE. 


19 Sep

First you surpass everyone.

Just blitzkrieg these people.

You create a killer product, become a force to be reckoned with.

And then you can sit, take a breath, and relax.

That is what a boss does.

Live Brolic!!!

Monday Minute: Don’t be afraid to Succeed 

12 Sep

A lot of people focus on how most young entrepreneurs or new entrepreneurs are afraid to fail. Well we’re going to turn that upside down by discussing how most people are afraid to succeed.

You see it is my belief that in this day and age most people don’t want to succeed. They have conditioned themselves to accept mediocrity as greatness. And this mediocrity has become the new accepted Norm.

Now the willingness to succeed, the hunger, has been removed from the average person.

Simply put the average person is scared to succeed because one success only begets further successes and this in turn creates a new dynamic that they are not ready for. When you are used to settling for less winning is stressful. However, when you take the reins and force life to bend to your will- success becomes the same as breathing.

Why are we afraid to succeed?

Simple. We don’t expect it these days. 

However, I challenge you my readers to find at least one way every week that you will succeed beyond your own expectations. If you cannot find a way I will create a list for you personally.

Finally succeeding is perhaps the greatest thing you can do in your life; besides having children. That is a different form of success.

I personally call it the greatest form of success. 

If you begin to feel doubt look at Olympic athletes who have more than one gold medal. In theory they have nowhere to go but down. Yet they train for 4 year arcs in the hopes of repeating a trillion to one chance of Glory.

Now was that a scary thought or an exciting one?

When you know the answer hit the reply button.

Live Brolic!

12 Dec

Seriously, fear is your number one enemy.

But have faith, not only in your God, but in YOU!

If you don’t believe you will Conquer, than YOU WON’T.

Be the greatest you – YOU can Create.
Who are you to question the greatness you are destined for?

Live Brolic!


21 May



May 21, 2013

Folks, I’ve been real blessed.

And I don’t mean what my parents did for me.

The last 4 months I’ve had the privilege of sitting with an amazing group of men and women who want nothing more than to give and or give back,  \You see there are people who never had who  refuse not give back.

There are also individuals who have had and refuse not to give beyond the scope of their existence.  And in a day and time where the average inner city community member is labeled as greedy, selfishly zealous, or just pure ignorant I’ve been blessed to sit and speak with leaders and visionaries who spend all of their time consumed in one mission: giving back.

On April 23rd I was privileged to sit with Javier Saldana of  RIGHT THE WRONGS FOUNDATION LLC.  And this brother was the real deal.

RIGHT THE WRONGS FOUNDATION LLC is about giving back and job creation.  It is literally that simple.  Now I can break down their mission statement for 8 pages but it boils down to a sincere drive to put people back into the work force.  It doesn’t end there either.  the long term goal is to create a viable workforce with longevity.  not a flash in  the pan, one term measure of growth- but real numbers.  And beyond the numbers are the people.  Jobs have been a lot more scarce since 2007 or so.  And while there is a lot of talk about jobs and helping the average Joe- I don’t see much folks.

So What Can We Do?

We can support Javier Saldana and RIGHT THE WRONGS FOUNDATION LLC.



JS: We provide the skills and tools for employable longevity to those we serve.

BH: Expound on that please.

JS: In the world of business and industry there are jobs.  In fact there is a deep need, about 2 million open spots.  And while we cannot provide the exact training job for job, we can reinforce the basics and lead a multi-generational movement in workplace intelligence and etiquette.

BH: So you have a multi point plan, break that down deeper for my readers please.

JA: Simply put, there are three key facets: Employ-ability, interviews, and etiquette.  These facets, when mastered increase the ability of any individual to rise beyond their daily existence to become pivotal players, leaders, and integral parts of their communities.

BH: Is college the answer?

JA: Not always.  Simply put there are individuals that school simply isn’t meant for.  But they may got to their local McDonald’s and start from the bottom and rise to become a regional vice president or better.    Skill sets are vastly suitable for a large percent of the population, especially when we build them up so their esteem and self-profitability become more than concepts, and rise to be innate traits.

BH: So the main goal then is?

JS Sustainability.  It has never been about getting them a job and walking away.  The goal is to create a fulcrum of pure, sustainable, community based growth. In the end it isn’t jobs- it is a life skills set that leaves the community at large enriched.

BH: So if I hear you right you don’t advocate college over a career plan?

JA: Not at all.  As a species we are vastly diverse.  So to expect the same result from all of the species is redundantly ignorant.  instead we aim to meet the needs of the population as a whole.  From that perspective success becomes synonymous simply with action.

BH: Could we sum up the general flow then as 1st knowing your mindset. And 2nd acting accordingly?



IS FEAR Killing Your Future?

11 May

IS FEAR Killing Your Future?
It’s a really simple question that a lot of people don’t ask. And it is fear that gags them, preventing that question

Fear is what I call Emotional Cancer. It is acute, pervasive, and far reaching. It will permeate your every thought, action, and emotion if you are not on guard against it.
Fear is simply the belief that what u are afraid of is stronger than what you are capable of. Nothing more.
How do I know?
I’m scared as hell.
Every time I write an article, I approach clients, and when I make music. It never fails. Speaking to an audience kills me. I learned the hard way that my fear had a little dollar amount. It could be marked in an accounting ledger as consecutive losses as I was deeply afraid of recruiting people.
Have you been there? I’d bet many of you have been in my shoes.
Fear of rejection was killing my business.
I actually started blogging out of fear. I was afraid to speak so I figured I’d write.
Cheap cop out I know.
But I did play my strong suit against my weakness so it was kind of a smart idea.
However, I wasn’t fighting the fear.

I have good news though folks-
Fear wins wars as well.
You see when a Lawyer is victorious in court he has fear on his side. When the last seed team triumphs over series kings, it is fear that they conquered.
Fear is a great motivator. My fear of failure could paralyze an elephant. And in the past I’ve let it be my achilles heal. I’m naturally a speaker. I can run my mouth and build a case in my head rapidly and then present it with panache and pride, just not in front of recruits and perspective buyers.
Sounds ridiculous right?
How did I beat this fear- I Spoke.
That’s it.
I wanted to interview the guy who owns the gym I frequent- so I asked.
I wanted an interview with my favorite two lyricists- so I asked.
And I got a yes each and every time- across the board.
Has everyone I asked said yes?
Of course not.
I get a lot of no’s. More than before actually. But I wasn’t getting a single yes by staying silent. It’s called playing the game.
If I was a batter in Major League Baseball- and I refused to swing I might get the occasional walk from the pitcher at the mound. More likely than not I’d just have a 0 batting average and be dropped from the team regardless of cost.
Ted Williams used the press to motivate him. He fed their caustic opinions of him- and then he fed off it.
It gave him power.
It gave him fuel.
And he is a legend now decades after his passing.
Back to that lawyer I mentioned. If he knew every minutiae of the law but never made an opening argument could he win a case?
Imagine Thurgood Marshall letting fear speak for him. No. Never.
Good leaders, heck good people simply fight fear and make it their slave.
When you master fear you can conquer the world.

My last point is Christopher Columbus: the Church wanted to kill him, the people doubted him, he was considered a heretic in many circles. Now we could argue about his being a mass murderer if you want- or we could look at the fact that he refused to let fear stop him. If he was wrong he would literally sail off the earth, die, or be executed after years of suffering at sea.
Instead I get a day off every year due to his action (get the hint: do it- act don’t let fear castrate you).


No one goes to the Olympics for silver.

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6 Feb


DO YOU FEAR SUCCESS?Simple question. Harder to answer.You see most guys I know are running from fear so hard they can’t see what else is going on. They put on the brave front, the flashy bravado- and move through life hiding from their own shadows.Our inner fears have a way of being massively destructive. When we let those fears dictate our lives we become nothing more than old children.Is that what you want out of your life?Is that what you are really looking to accomplish?See, the way I see it fear is a good thing when it means we are being cautious. The Bible says fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Good words. Smart concept.however fear also cripples. And I won’t be a cripple (no offense to any specific party).Now let’s delve into the real fear that cripples men- fear of success.You see its much easier to be nobody.Mediocrity is quite comfortable.I’ve worked with a lot of people who like being bottom feeders. And hey we will always need a few. I’m not callous, I just see that some people are comfy where they land. But to me a majority of men know they are called to be great. To lead, to serve.That aint to easy or fun now is it though?Well folks I’m calling you out-Why not be successful?When you fear success you fear living.Let me say that again:When you fear success you fear living.Its as simple as that.Success scares most people. Living for the gold, chasing the win- its perilous. Not because you might lose, we all lose from time to time. Its the winning that scares us and its two fold.-One what will it be like, how will you handle it?Fear of what lies beyond the gold medal, or beating Bobby Fischer destroys men. When you live day in and day out striving toward a goal and after myriad tries it is achieved many feel they won’t know what to do next. Ever heard about the guy who retires and dies the next day? Anxiety. Fear come to life. He did it and now doesn’t know what do. And it broke him.-Two what will yo do next.You see when you keep putting off for tomorrow you have something to look forward to. Call it procrastinators masturbation. It works, and millions practice it but in the end you’re only……In both cases completion of a task or success broke the person(s) in question.Why fear success? Success fulfills the master of his destiny.For many success is a lofty goal fraught with adversity. Even when peers prove it is easily obtainable many will shrug it off. Deny its plausibility. The fear is talking though. And it isn’t fear that it can’t be done it’s that it can.Life is crazy. And its perilously short.So why not play it close to the felt?Why not be your best?How? Simple. Chase The Dream.That’s it.Every waking moment chase what you want. Team up with those who have gotten there.Follow the path your gut has chosen.Do what YOU want. Be who you want.When you lay down to sleep focus on what you want and fall asleep with that as your last thought.When you awake- repeat the same goals and dreams.Find affirmations that work.Find people that want to achieve.Life is a team sport so get in the game.Don’t be crippled by a dream, build a kingdom on it’s foundation.



25 Nov


I’ve been pretty blessed lately. I’ve got good friends, good family, and even my cats are pretty neat. They act more like dogs. At work I’m happier than I’ve been in years and I’ve even got some sick days stashed away lol (come on you guys feel me right?).
So everything is fine and dandy, but Tony has no candy. What’s that you say?
Basically I’m not where I see myself needing to be. I’m missing a few keys actions and its slowing down my forward motion.

Fear and inaction are my enemies at this moment and its time and while I whip myself into shape I figured I’d share a few lessons I’m learning.

I’m losing momentum. Yikes. I’m not pleased but its real. How? I’m just not doing what I need to. I get this amazing rush and a huge flurry of action and then I rest on ly laurels and lose almost all of it. Not good.
Folks be better than me. Ride your momentum beyond even its ability to grow your brand.

Not talking to enough ppl.
This is perhaps my biggest fear and biggest set back. I don’t care what your opportunity is, or your vision or your coin aka worth. People make a business a success. Remember the pet rock? People had to buy it to make it real. And I’m a people person in every genre except my business.
Funny huh.
I made RIM $$$$ with the people I convinced that blackberry was superior. Same for my gym and many supplements. And when it comes to my two current ventures I hit a brick wall. I did an insurance business and made money- and fast. It was exciting, fast paced and arduous. And it yielded great fruit. However since that venture I’ve had mixed results. I’ve made money in every venture since that one, yet nothing as good. The biggest reason is I speak less. The internet is building empires without question. However I’m leaving my best tool in the toolbox: ME. I am a closer. A solid salesman. But fear has me talking to less people than my desires warrant. My mentor said as much in a 20 minute call. Ouch right?
So to combat this fear I’ve decide to speak to 3 people a day about my opportunity. And then 3 more about my blog. I’m divvying up my efforts. I’m refusing not grow. Not to reach my apex of greatness. Meet me there.
Not committing enough time.
I give time, no question.
I’m not giving enough.
Make a set parameter and follow its rubric daily. What’s that mean? A lot at least 20 minutes a day and work the hell out of that 20 minutes. Your success directly corresponds to the time you’re willing to put in.

“Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.”
Jim Morrison


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Hurricane Sandy and Your Business

29 Oct

Hurricane Sandy and Your Business.

Here in New York and in a few other states we have had a tremendous issue named Sandy. Fema, National Guard- everyone is on alert. As I type this my lights are flickering repeatedly. However I’m not scared. Nervous, yeah a bit. But I’m ready. I’ve planned and prepared. So before I lose track, or lose electricity I’m going to bang this one out for my devoted readers. Thanks for the feedback and the belief in my body of work.

-Be Prepared.
As soon as I heard we were off from work Monday it hit home. This is real. I filled every plausible receptacle in my home with clean water. Then I text messaged everyone I knew that would be affected by schools closing in our borough. Always look out for others. After that I moved my car to a spot 80 feet from my main point of egress and away from trees simultaneously. This reduced risk and eases escape if necessary. I also bought much more water and food. I had a good stash but wanted extra. I even bought comfort food and M&Ms. Even my cats were prepared. Our Go-bag was packed with everything except paperwork. So we lost points there but were ready to see and fight and escape to high ground as needed. Heck I even cooked a lot of rice- not sure its durable quality, but it made me feel safe.
The lesson here is I made a few mistakes and should have had it all ready before hand. But I made up time in a rush and my family was ready for a few days of struggle. And in your business its the same as in life.
Are you ready? Are you prepared? Are you incorporated to shield yourself from loss?
Do you have business insurance as well?
Have you prepared for tragedy as well as competition? Do you know your odds and your methods to have sustainable income?
Do you have a mentor to walk you through these steps and others? Someone to pat you on your back or kick you in your rump.
Get prepared. If you are. Supplement what you have done.

-Don’t Let Fear Dominate.
People said flooding and waves. Yikes.
They said 200 mph winds and trees through windows. Yikes. And while this may occur for some, we are doing well here. Mayor Bloomberg dropped the ball a few years ago in a major snow storm and this time he took no chances. And while I applaud his efforts- I wasn’t scared either time. I was ready.
People will let fear dominate them. It will consume their minds and hearts. First it will stop them by freezing their actions. And after awhile it becomes a known excuse and a regular one.
Don’t be that guy. Fear is an animal but fear can destroy you or build you up (search my blog for the term Fear). Be strong. Be ready and fear becomes an ally not a demon.

How you prepared for this storm is indicative of how well prepared you are for this business.
So let’s see how I racked up:
I had go-bags but not my paperwork.
I had food and upwards of 6 gallons of water for consumption and cleanliness. I think this was about 2 to 3 days not counting the juices and teas in my home. I had food canned and uncanned and cooked more. I also bought more food to supplement. However I lacked transport quality containers. My plan was based on my car. I did move that though. I had crank flashlights and survival knives and tools. A compass candles galore- the works. But I lacked a secondary power source. Get that folks. We all need a crank or generator.
A huge plus is that I had no fear and had many of these items ready to go weeks before Sandy was a threat.

So you be my judge. But remember that fear will cripple your business. It will cripple your mind and shatter your dreams.
Be prepared, use the fear and you will be invincible.


“It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.”
― Gloria Steinem

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