25 Nov


I’ve been pretty blessed lately. I’ve got good friends, good family, and even my cats are pretty neat. They act more like dogs. At work I’m happier than I’ve been in years and I’ve even got some sick days stashed away lol (come on you guys feel me right?).
So everything is fine and dandy, but Tony has no candy. What’s that you say?
Basically I’m not where I see myself needing to be. I’m missing a few keys actions and its slowing down my forward motion.

Fear and inaction are my enemies at this moment and its time and while I whip myself into shape I figured I’d share a few lessons I’m learning.

I’m losing momentum. Yikes. I’m not pleased but its real. How? I’m just not doing what I need to. I get this amazing rush and a huge flurry of action and then I rest on ly laurels and lose almost all of it. Not good.
Folks be better than me. Ride your momentum beyond even its ability to grow your brand.

Not talking to enough ppl.
This is perhaps my biggest fear and biggest set back. I don’t care what your opportunity is, or your vision or your coin aka worth. People make a business a success. Remember the pet rock? People had to buy it to make it real. And I’m a people person in every genre except my business.
Funny huh.
I made RIM $$$$ with the people I convinced that blackberry was superior. Same for my gym and many supplements. And when it comes to my two current ventures I hit a brick wall. I did an insurance business and made money- and fast. It was exciting, fast paced and arduous. And it yielded great fruit. However since that venture I’ve had mixed results. I’ve made money in every venture since that one, yet nothing as good. The biggest reason is I speak less. The internet is building empires without question. However I’m leaving my best tool in the toolbox: ME. I am a closer. A solid salesman. But fear has me talking to less people than my desires warrant. My mentor said as much in a 20 minute call. Ouch right?
So to combat this fear I’ve decide to speak to 3 people a day about my opportunity. And then 3 more about my blog. I’m divvying up my efforts. I’m refusing not grow. Not to reach my apex of greatness. Meet me there.
Not committing enough time.
I give time, no question.
I’m not giving enough.
Make a set parameter and follow its rubric daily. What’s that mean? A lot at least 20 minutes a day and work the hell out of that 20 minutes. Your success directly corresponds to the time you’re willing to put in.

“Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.”
Jim Morrison


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