Success IS Just a Finished Dream

26 Nov

Success IS Just a Finished Dream.

Not exactly my usual post but this display is inspiring two fold.

First someone dreamed of putting the time in to be this good at their craft. I don’t care who you are- practice makes perfect. Ever heard someone say nothing succeeds like excess? Lol I thought not. Yet look at that concept. Success may be found in excess. When you work at something with fervor you achieve it faster.
If your efforts are excessive and effusive you will see progress. Do you think Rafael or Michaelangelo settled for mediocre?
Do Superbowl teams want that ring a little or is a haunting vision that excites and stimulates? I’d say its the latter and as such its the guy who puts in his all and then some that comes out on top.

Put the time in. Pay your dues. Hone your craft and stretch your talents. To the victor go the spoils so why not spend TOO much time as opposed to just enough.
Ask Jordan, ask Jeter, ask Jobs- to pursue excellence is to pursue it zealously.

Second Someone else put it the hours to be able to pay for something of this caliber.
So this second component isn’t about being the nest or creating the best. Its about being the guy who can afford the best. This requires you work your abilities to the bone. Be the best.
Beat the best.
The man who has big wants/needs has a greater potential. How can one rule the world if a duplex satiated all desires?
You can’t, you won’t. To get the best you have to earn the best. Warren Buffet may not have the fanciest baubles but he does have the greatest bank account (give or take). And that says a lot. If you want the best meals, the best cars or the best service- be the best. It is far easier to acquire from a prime position as opposed to being at the bottom.

Simply make a choice. Be the best or expect less.
And remember that success is nothing more than a finished dream.

Compete your visions. Live your dreams.


“I don’t listen to what art critics say. I don’t know anybody who needs a critic to find out what art is.”
― Jean-Michel Basquiat

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One Response to “Success IS Just a Finished Dream”

  1. Denisse November 27, 2012 at 4:43 pm #

    If more ppl understood the power of picturing success then they’d be more successful. My mentor always tells us “In life, u don’t get what u want, u get what u picture.” -Holton Buggs
    The mind (imagination) is the catalyst to ALL things becoming a reality.
    Great words Tony.

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