27 Nov


Today I’m going to put aside my normal spiel for a few hours and discuss a pretty cool guy. Rob Dyrdek is a renowned skate boarder and pioneer. He is also one heck of a branding machine and entrepreneur. From an early age he made deals for percentages of the companies who sponsored him as opposed to taking a fee. That’s just a savvy individual. Let’s break down some more Rob.
Rob Dyrdek Focus.
Rob is a focused individual. From the moment he knew what he wanted, what he loved- he made it happen. He’s been vastly successful I’d argue because he only travels one avenue. He may have shoes, a show, clothing and various other entities that feed his income- but they all revolve around skating. Being focused to this degree gives him a simple route. I’d even argue this level of simplicity boarders on eloquence.
Maybe that’s a stretch. I don’t care. I see it clearly. When you have an almost utterly ruthless pursuit of what you love and couple that with what you want you become a dominant force. There is nothing that is accomplished that focus doesn’t obtain for you. When you study for a test you are focusing. When you commit that same focus to your own business you win.
Indeed you will be successful in anything you focus on so be careful what your focus is on. Many people focus on failure. They focus on what went wrong not where they are going. Focus. Focus. Focus.

Rob Dyrdek Mindset.
Rob has a mindset that is simply victorious. He makes dreams reality. He doesn’t shift his reality to make a half arsed dream. He makes a decision- finite. From there he publicly makes it know and refuses to fall behind. Ever see Fantasy Factory. He makes public bets that are quite ostentatious.
Why you say? It essentially forces his hand. And the power gained in being the force that motivates and drives you is invaluable. Let your mindset dictate your existence. If you believe you will be victorious so you shall.

Rob Dyrdek Belief.
Rob believes he can do anything. He has swam with sharks, jumped from planes, flipped cars and built an empire. He even has a slogan: Make Your Own Luck. It’s simple and speaks to his belief system. Rob doesn’t say no, he finds yes’s. This is key. Rob has made his own luck. Literally. What will you make?

Rob Dyrdek Team.
Rob is also a slick fox in that he surrounds himself with winners. A diverse group of winners at that. The team will make the dream come true in many cases.
Don’t associate with people who don’t believe in you. Don’t work with those don’t or won’t share your vision. Work with those who bring something to the table. Success is that much sweeter when we all contribute.
Rob has family and friends. He also has strangers who have become both. Those who go above and beyond deserve more than respect, more than loyalty. They deserve dividends. And when you look at the net worth of those surrounding Rob- its obvious they are all #winning.


“If you have a dream you have to go do it to see if you suck.”
-Rob Dyrdek

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2 Responses to “BE ROB DYRDEK”

  1. Stefan December 2, 2012 at 12:49 pm #

    Dude, you’ve got to be kidding. Dyrdek is a corporate criminal with zero personality. Anybody who buys his “for the kids” rap must be near brain dead. This creep is the last person anyone should admire

    • changeinadvance December 2, 2012 at 4:13 pm #

      This article was about things we can learn to build our own businesses better-not his morality.
      Nonetheless I thank you for your time and input sir.

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