29 Nov


Auto-pilot is synonymous with ignorance.
No ifs and or buts about it. Life requires you focus and follow through.

-You can’t be running the show if you’re not there.
Simple. Factual. A leader is out front. He’s running the show. Watch football? The quarterback has to be in the game. He has to be aware, cognizant of all issues and parameters. He’s at the huddle, he calls the audibles, and he adjusts his leadership accordingly. I’ve never seen anyone succeed who isn’t both physically and mentally present. Be where you need to be. Do what is required of you in that moment. Your actions now will dictate your future repercussions. And as such you need to be there now. If you play soccer- be in the game. Feel and control the moment. If you aren’t living in it you’ve already lost.

-When you workout the muscle responds to that. Growth is achieved.
Is your own business not the same?
In the movie The Comeback Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks on focus. He focus on achieving something in 8 weeks that most people don’t achieve in a year. See the movie. There is a treasure trove of insight as to how to be a better bodybuilder/businessman. And the parameters are the same. Focus. Consistency. Participation. Those are perhaps the 3 keys that will set you apart from all entrepreneurs.
When you focus and add consistency to the mix you will win. A leader and or a winner do the same thing- they are consistently the same. Their focus may know no bounds but it has a razor honed focal point. And as for participation- you can’t lead without doing. You can’t win without playing. Its si perfect a concept I won’t belabor it.
Suffice it to say: Get in the game.

-The one exception still has a caveat.
A lot of mlm, home marketing, and online business opportunities all promote running your business on autopilot. And it works it does. However you can’t set it up and walk away. When that works its a ponzi scheme. It has no longevity and zero worth. In my business I see a lot of people who want me to buy these ‘make $ while I sleep’ opportunities. I pay them no mind.
I build up my blog and my network. I make living connections. I foster relationships that don’t pressure people to join or buy in this is the key. A lot of people make money on autopilot. And it works. However it requires a good set up. You see even when you are not working- you had to have put the work in.
Always know nothing makes you better than you. Put in your time, lead by doing, and stay in the game.


“And while the law of competition may be sometimes hard for the individual, it is best for the race, because it ensures the survival of the fittest in every department.”
-Andrew Carnegie

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