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21 May



May 21, 2013

Folks, I’ve been real blessed.

And I don’t mean what my parents did for me.

The last 4 months I’ve had the privilege of sitting with an amazing group of men and women who want nothing more than to give and or give back,  \You see there are people who never had who  refuse not give back.

There are also individuals who have had and refuse not to give beyond the scope of their existence.  And in a day and time where the average inner city community member is labeled as greedy, selfishly zealous, or just pure ignorant I’ve been blessed to sit and speak with leaders and visionaries who spend all of their time consumed in one mission: giving back.

On April 23rd I was privileged to sit with Javier Saldana of  RIGHT THE WRONGS FOUNDATION LLC.  And this brother was the real deal.

RIGHT THE WRONGS FOUNDATION LLC is about giving back and job creation.  It is literally that simple.  Now I can break down their mission statement for 8 pages but it boils down to a sincere drive to put people back into the work force.  It doesn’t end there either.  the long term goal is to create a viable workforce with longevity.  not a flash in  the pan, one term measure of growth- but real numbers.  And beyond the numbers are the people.  Jobs have been a lot more scarce since 2007 or so.  And while there is a lot of talk about jobs and helping the average Joe- I don’t see much folks.

So What Can We Do?

We can support Javier Saldana and RIGHT THE WRONGS FOUNDATION LLC.



JS: We provide the skills and tools for employable longevity to those we serve.

BH: Expound on that please.

JS: In the world of business and industry there are jobs.  In fact there is a deep need, about 2 million open spots.  And while we cannot provide the exact training job for job, we can reinforce the basics and lead a multi-generational movement in workplace intelligence and etiquette.

BH: So you have a multi point plan, break that down deeper for my readers please.

JA: Simply put, there are three key facets: Employ-ability, interviews, and etiquette.  These facets, when mastered increase the ability of any individual to rise beyond their daily existence to become pivotal players, leaders, and integral parts of their communities.

BH: Is college the answer?

JA: Not always.  Simply put there are individuals that school simply isn’t meant for.  But they may got to their local McDonald’s and start from the bottom and rise to become a regional vice president or better.    Skill sets are vastly suitable for a large percent of the population, especially when we build them up so their esteem and self-profitability become more than concepts, and rise to be innate traits.

BH: So the main goal then is?

JS Sustainability.  It has never been about getting them a job and walking away.  The goal is to create a fulcrum of pure, sustainable, community based growth. In the end it isn’t jobs- it is a life skills set that leaves the community at large enriched.

BH: So if I hear you right you don’t advocate college over a career plan?

JA: Not at all.  As a species we are vastly diverse.  So to expect the same result from all of the species is redundantly ignorant.  instead we aim to meet the needs of the population as a whole.  From that perspective success becomes synonymous simply with action.

BH: Could we sum up the general flow then as 1st knowing your mindset. And 2nd acting accordingly?



3 Reasons Your Social Community Is Shrinking

16 Dec

3 Reasons Your Social Community Is Shrinking

Often times Marketers think they know what their communities want. Soon though that snazzy content marketing strategy is prompting people to unfollow, unclick and or unsubscribe. I found a few reasons why so let’s break it down folks.

Too Many Updates.
You know the guy at work who says hi 40 times a day. Or the cousin you are fond of but they call you 3 times a day to repeat the same facts or update you on the facts from five minutes ago. My personal pet peeve is the facebook guy who posts all his food pics, plays 8 different Facebook games with those 80 accompanying updates. O-M-G. Facebook forced me to go groundhog. Well not Facebook, I won’t slander them. Its the medium of choice for over a billion people worldwide (a great place for recruiting, marketing, and plain old friendship).
The point is this: Too many updates pushes people away.. Good timing, concise posts will win over fans and create business. Less is more folks.

Inaccurately Representing your brand.
Everyone hates being tricked. Fact. Pure and simple. According to the study I consulted 22% of users felt betrayed by a brand forcing them to disconnect from said brand. That’s a large loss for the companies who cheat clients whether it be inadvertent or not. When you misrepresent your brand to grow your social media fan base you are building the proverbial house on sand. The social media community is quite savvy and when you cross em they are in the wind. And that’s if you’re lucky. Hopefully word won’t spread and burn you. See yelp results to see where I’m going with this. Be genuine. Be authentic with all your moves and you will be doubly successful.

There’s No Value in Maintaining Connection.
The people who like your fan page, follow you on Twitter and buy your products do so because a connection was made. They love your product. They believe your spiel isn’t rhetoric. And indeed it shouldn’t be. When it is you have failed from the get go. That’s a lesson for another article. Be more than products. Create Value.. Be a friend and be a provider of quality. Purveyors of greatness rarely are flawless but they are always real. People rally behind them. Be great.

One parting thought- 16% of the people in the survey I consulted listed other as the reason they ‘disengaged’ from a brand. This may not help but we can assume these are people who left twitter, facebook, stumbleupon, and the like. So that is a good metric even if indirectly so.

Lastly, what key strategies do you have in place to avoid losing members of your social media communities?


“Better understated than overstated. Let people be surprised that it was more than you promised and easier than you said.”
-Jim Rohn

“It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go.”. -Jim Rohn

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