10 Jun


So, most people will hate me for this, but hey I’m honest.  I couldn’t be a Jedi.  Denying everything I might ever want.  Ignoring urges, needs, and desires to be broke, technically homeless, and wear snazzy robes?  Nope not for me.  Sorry.  See I like Lamborghinis. Ferraris, Porsches, and M3s oh my!

Back to focus though- first I apologize for the lack of articles.  I had some technically difficulties and had to write on scratch paper until I could get my tech back to perfection.  As I was saying- I would be a Sith. 

The Sith are comparably powerful, self indulgent, and are still masters of their craft.  All things that most people when they are honest will agree that they approve of. 

-No one wakes up denying a lust for success.

Everyone wants to be successful.  To complete goals and dreams gives a sense of success, confidence and poise.  People who build from success to success are guess what?  Extremely successful you see I’ve never met a person who wanted to be third place.  Heck, no one goes to the Olympics for silver!  We all want to be winners.  To triumph where others fail and where few shall venture is the very pinnacle of existence in some cultures and for many many people.  Have you never not wanted more? Pardon the double negative but I write it purposely to convey my point.  When you were little and you played monopoly you wanted to win.  You may have bought the crap properties but you had a strategy that you thought led down the path to victory.  I rest my case.

-Sith chase their desires. 

When you were young, and maybe even in your older age (I digress I’m in my 30s) you wanted things.  To race cars, build a motorcycle, relive the movie easy riders. 
Today many of us have traded freedom for security. What I mean is that we have traded jobs for dreams and mortgages for adventures. Now there’s no problem with growing up- can’t be Peter Pan forever. Yet slaving all day under a boss is surely not the American dream. Take me for example. I want to work, but for myself. I don’t want a boss.
I don’t want a mortgage, unless there is some tax gains to be had.
I don’t want to need a union.
I don’t want the economy to dictate my employability or impede my financial goals.
I do want freedom to do as I please.
I do want time to watch my children grow.
I do want to fire my boss.
I do want to vacation anywhere, at the drop of a dime.
Don’t you?
Isn’t it time to chase dreams?
Can’t work be the same amount of passion and fun as activities you control and build wealth on?

-Sith focus.

Simple point to grasp. What you focus on you will obtain. Focused on fun. You will get it. Focused on girls, you’ll have ten.
Focus dictates your reality. If you are not focused on achieving greatness you will be nothing. Sith focused on achieving power and greatness. Shouldn’t you focus on the same if you want to leave the 9 to 5 grind behind?

-Sith hone their craft.
You want to be wealthy. You will use options or perhaps real estate or an MLM. No matter the path to wealth and freedom you choose you must work at the skills it takes to accomplish it. Flippers need to know variables, comps, tax rules, et al. Options traders must know candle stick charts, timing, and when to get in and out of an option. And in MLM you have to know how to identify your warm market, seize your cold one, and solve problems for people.
In any venture and all ventures you must learn the skills needed. And this is a lifetime process.
Ted williams talked to pitchers to learn their habits. He examined the game. He used the sports casters and news reporters hatred to fuel him. He worked day in and day out at his task and his reward was true baseball greatness.
Work at being great and you will be.

There is nothing wrong with being only partially altruistic when chasing your dreams. But if you focus and give back you will succeed. If you practice daily. You will succeed.

Let desires and wants add fuel to your why to get you to your dream accomplishment.


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