What a four minute conversation taught me.

9 Jun

I was doing my laundry and while waiting for the elevator I ran into my neighbor and we had a quick chat. Turns out he’s been selling merchandise at a prime location for the Puerto Rican Festival that was today and for the Puerto Rican Parade tomorrow. And he’s not only been doing it this week but for weeks! What’s more- he’s been doing it in different states for more than one ethnic festival and or parade! And this man in his forties or even fifties used technology to get him there.
Without further ado, a few quick lessons I learned in four minutes.

-Lessons can be learned anywhere, where from anyone.
I was doing laundry, and riding the elevator up and down. and yet in this mundane routine a gentleman entrepreneur taught me a lesson. And he also outlined his basic business plan for me- FOR FREE! I learned how and where to sell ethnic themed merchandise. I learned where to find the info on locations et al- all from a quick conversation. So this lesson is two fold. Always be cordial as people share knowledge and wisdom with those who are PLEASANT and RESPECTFUL. And this leads to part two: always be ready to listen to those around you. Information is everywhere. Leads on homes, sales, and possible partners are there if people feel you will listen and aren’t too busy on your smart phone or acting snide.

-Mind your own business.
This man has a day job. He works 40 hours a week. He grinds for the man without cease and does so with a positive attitude. And when he’s on his own time he MINDS HIS BUSINESS. When he’s not working he plans for these festivals.
He orders and stores his merchandise ahead of time for quick motion and ease of access.
He tracks down locations and gets his route outlined and familiar in his mind. And when its time to go he seizes the moment and sells, sells, sells. Most people simply come home after work and have a cold one. Or they watch television and have a cold one. Some will do chores and check homework.
And hey, its your prerogative do do as you please. But that’s surely a plan to be a debt slave or a man with a boss till death do you part. I don’t want a boss all my life. I want more. I crave success. I NeeD it. So like my neighbor I will work my day job and MIND MY BUSINESS on my time, until all time is MY TIME.

-Money is there if you look for it.
So an elevator ride is dead time for most people. You can’t do much right? Wrong. You can network. You can plan. You can learn. Today I got two done easily. I met a possible business partner in the neighbor-preneur, catchy right?! ;). So I networked and made a cold market lead a warmer one. I also learned about a possible pat time income stream that has its own schedule and as its annual is semi residual. See my neighbor realized people have pride and will attach money to this sentiment. And that quick he found a way to profit- because he was looking? Are you looking? And if so what for?

-Utilize your resources.
My neighbor had internet as part of his triple play bundle. We all get it to save money right. But he re-purposed those dollars from youtube’s dollars to his. His search engine gets him routes to travel that are shorter. This saves him money on tolls, gas and so forth. More importantly he can search out events and plan them accordingly. In essence he can maximize profit potential by making sure his timing is perfect. And he told me he searches very little time wise and still achieves dollar signs.
So why isn’t your computer making you money?
It costs you right? So let it recoup your loss.

-Listening pays off.
Anytime people want to chat I listen. I hear a lot of noise. By that I mean people say nothing but use a lot of words to do so. However listening isn’t optional. By keeping this mind set, today was productive in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Simply put. Close your mouth and open your ears. People will teach you for free. School is always in session. Get your learn on people

Fyi- I’ve posted three articles in less than 36 hours to make up for lost time due to technology issues. I will not fail. I will create value for my readers. We will succeed.

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan.—Jim Rohn

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