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Something Different to Add Some Flavor. A Poem From a Fellow Entrepreneur:

6 Nov

Everyone awaited the anticipated storm Sunday night
No patience, so when it didn’t arrive we took it light
Typical New Yorkers showing pride when things get rocky
Figuring it will be some nasty rain making things sloppy
Hyped cause of days off from work, damn we’re cocky.
People making comparisons to the storm of Summer 2011
Making predictions like a Bible being read by a reverend
Forgetting that the ultimate power that be resides in Heaven
It’s his decision on the impact and who to sacrifice
More important than Santa’s list about who’s naughty or nice
He gave us Free Will along with life
Like the man in the back of news cameras on a Jet Ski
Or the cars and deaths impacted by a tree
Whoever thought you could Canoe in New York City?
Those unaffected call it crazy
Those impacted call it a travesty.
Many home without power
Facts proven by texts I received from peoples in Jersey & Staten Island
People are angry this is no time for violence
Only efforts of valiance
First responders, EMS, NYPD, FDNY compounded
Monday we were hit hard by Sandy
I hope that they have an Action Plan A, B, & C
Making strides to put things back together
Beginning Tuesday once we got regular weather.
Too many clowns making jokes for the sake of laughter
But I know that adversity is the best test of character
Governor Christie in Jersey saying forget the elections
Only focusing on the future looking forward like the Jetsons
Obama leaving the campaign trail for this state of emergency
Taking Action with unlimited funding, another testament to his legacy
Impeccable timing cause we need leaders with compassion
Not racist, politicians whose ideas are fascist.
No trains, limited buses
This is no time for fussing
Businesses and schools closed
Astronomic levels of water rose
Flooding train stations and streets
Overflowing the FDR with a never ending peak
Families on roofs, water just beneath their feet
Companies attempting to open using backup generators
Due to no power
Freezers & Refrigerators
Full of spoiled food smelling sour.
Somewhere along the lines this was written in the scriptures
Most didn’t believe til they say saw Instagram pictures
Those visions becoming fixtures
Upon one’s brain
Hard to get them out like a bad stain
But no need to complain
Cause it happened
My condolences to those affected
We won’t leave y’all neglected
Redman Style it’s “Time for some Action”
Thanksgiving approaching let’s make sure these families eat
On Christmas have a gift or two under the tree
Don’t turn your back & flee
If that’s your plan, say to yourself “What if that was me?”
Time to be more appreciative
Evaluate the way we live
Deviate from the negative
Increase the positive
Turn the M upside down in the word Me
Think about We
With a focus on humanity
Cause natural disasters don’t know colors
Only how to impact God’s children who are sisters & brothers
We won’t let the Devil eat, no poking us with his fork
I believe we will overcome adversity again, stand up NEW YORK!
Written 10/31/12
By: Mook Million$
BBM pin:332F7A82
Twitter: @MookMillions
Instagram: @TheRealMookMillions


2 Nov

In light of all that’s happened I’d say download this app- the FEMA App.
It has advice, checklists and so forth.

I say hey, download it. Look at it. And if you delete it its in the back of your mind from now on. On blackberry it will be kept listed in an un-installed list in my appworld which will ease re-installment should I delete.

There is no loss to learning folks.
I learned the hard way though not as hard as others. Plan for the future.
Have a plan for you, and your pets too.

Take pictures of all valuable and pertinent documents and email them to at least two of your emails.
Put them on a flash drive too.

Water- have one gallon per day per person for drinking and sanitary use. Here again don’t forget the pets. For cats, get an aluminum tray from the dollar store- maybe 2 and a lot of newspaper you can shred. Its lightweight if you have to take it with you and easily packable. Its also dirt cheap.
Have at least 3 days of non perishable food on hand. Those cans you don’t want will save your life.

This may be a day late and a dollar short but this is just a sample of FEMA info and that gathered from http://www.changeinadvance.com.

Also you can call fema @ 18006213362.
Or go to Disasterassistance.gov and start
And I believe there may be funding for loss of food and to procure food as well. If I’m wrong, sorry folks. But it is feasible as FEMA is so far reaching in scope.

Hessexpress.com/fuel information will show you where their gas is. But remember some places have no electricity to pump gas.
The list is updated daily or better.

Or just reply to this article.


1 Nov

If you have damages due to or are displaced because of Sandy, call 800-621-FEMA now!

Get your name on the list so you can get some relief.

Hurricane Sandy and Your Business

29 Oct

Hurricane Sandy and Your Business.

Here in New York and in a few other states we have had a tremendous issue named Sandy. Fema, National Guard- everyone is on alert. As I type this my lights are flickering repeatedly. However I’m not scared. Nervous, yeah a bit. But I’m ready. I’ve planned and prepared. So before I lose track, or lose electricity I’m going to bang this one out for my devoted readers. Thanks for the feedback and the belief in my body of work.

-Be Prepared.
As soon as I heard we were off from work Monday it hit home. This is real. I filled every plausible receptacle in my home with clean water. Then I text messaged everyone I knew that would be affected by schools closing in our borough. Always look out for others. After that I moved my car to a spot 80 feet from my main point of egress and away from trees simultaneously. This reduced risk and eases escape if necessary. I also bought much more water and food. I had a good stash but wanted extra. I even bought comfort food and M&Ms. Even my cats were prepared. Our Go-bag was packed with everything except paperwork. So we lost points there but were ready to see and fight and escape to high ground as needed. Heck I even cooked a lot of rice- not sure its durable quality, but it made me feel safe.
The lesson here is I made a few mistakes and should have had it all ready before hand. But I made up time in a rush and my family was ready for a few days of struggle. And in your business its the same as in life.
Are you ready? Are you prepared? Are you incorporated to shield yourself from loss?
Do you have business insurance as well?
Have you prepared for tragedy as well as competition? Do you know your odds and your methods to have sustainable income?
Do you have a mentor to walk you through these steps and others? Someone to pat you on your back or kick you in your rump.
Get prepared. If you are. Supplement what you have done.

-Don’t Let Fear Dominate.
People said flooding and waves. Yikes.
They said 200 mph winds and trees through windows. Yikes. And while this may occur for some, we are doing well here. Mayor Bloomberg dropped the ball a few years ago in a major snow storm and this time he took no chances. And while I applaud his efforts- I wasn’t scared either time. I was ready.
People will let fear dominate them. It will consume their minds and hearts. First it will stop them by freezing their actions. And after awhile it becomes a known excuse and a regular one.
Don’t be that guy. Fear is an animal but fear can destroy you or build you up (search my blog for the term Fear). Be strong. Be ready and fear becomes an ally not a demon.

How you prepared for this storm is indicative of how well prepared you are for this business.
So let’s see how I racked up:
I had go-bags but not my paperwork.
I had food and upwards of 6 gallons of water for consumption and cleanliness. I think this was about 2 to 3 days not counting the juices and teas in my home. I had food canned and uncanned and cooked more. I also bought more food to supplement. However I lacked transport quality containers. My plan was based on my car. I did move that though. I had crank flashlights and survival knives and tools. A compass candles galore- the works. But I lacked a secondary power source. Get that folks. We all need a crank or generator.
A huge plus is that I had no fear and had many of these items ready to go weeks before Sandy was a threat.

So you be my judge. But remember that fear will cripple your business. It will cripple your mind and shatter your dreams.
Be prepared, use the fear and you will be invincible.


“It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.”
― Gloria Steinem

Thoughts? Concerns?
Questions? Think I’m wrong?
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