2 Nov

In light of all that’s happened I’d say download this app- the FEMA App.
It has advice, checklists and so forth.

I say hey, download it. Look at it. And if you delete it its in the back of your mind from now on. On blackberry it will be kept listed in an un-installed list in my appworld which will ease re-installment should I delete.

There is no loss to learning folks.
I learned the hard way though not as hard as others. Plan for the future.
Have a plan for you, and your pets too.

Take pictures of all valuable and pertinent documents and email them to at least two of your emails.
Put them on a flash drive too.

Water- have one gallon per day per person for drinking and sanitary use. Here again don’t forget the pets. For cats, get an aluminum tray from the dollar store- maybe 2 and a lot of newspaper you can shred. Its lightweight if you have to take it with you and easily packable. Its also dirt cheap.
Have at least 3 days of non perishable food on hand. Those cans you don’t want will save your life.

This may be a day late and a dollar short but this is just a sample of FEMA info and that gathered from http://www.changeinadvance.com.

Also you can call fema @ 18006213362.
Or go to Disasterassistance.gov and start
And I believe there may be funding for loss of food and to procure food as well. If I’m wrong, sorry folks. But it is feasible as FEMA is so far reaching in scope.

Hessexpress.com/fuel information will show you where their gas is. But remember some places have no electricity to pump gas.
The list is updated daily or better.

Or just reply to this article.

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