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Episode 3, stepping out in faith and not fear is out!

7 Oct

Episode 3, stepping out in faith and not fear is out!

Episode 3 of the change in advance podcast is out!
Let me know your thoughts.
This one is double the length of the prior 2 episodes.

God is good as I find I am enjoying this and may have found my voice.

Goals, get some!

27 Jan

Damn me to heck if this ain’t the goal!

The idea of life being exactly what I want has me totally changing my life.
Concepts are now fuel to blast my success rocket and the money, and lessons I’ve learned are merely the launchpad.

I fully plan for 2016 to be life changing and to stretch me as a man, husband, and leader in ways I can’t even fathom yet.

Faith in myself and in my new path will take me there- no question.
What are you hungry for?

What risk(s) will you take?

What will you give up to get to the level after the next level?

Need help?

Start here :
1- Write down what you love doing.

2- Write out how you think you can make that passion a full-time lifestyle slash job.

3- Seek out help in making it happen.

4- Make sure that small steps, aka attainable activity and motions are the foundation of this plan.

Need more help?
Tony@changeinadvance.com – hit me up.

Live Brolic!

12 Dec

Seriously, fear is your number one enemy.

But have faith, not only in your God, but in YOU!

If you don’t believe you will Conquer, than YOU WON’T.

Be the greatest you – YOU can Create.
Who are you to question the greatness you are destined for?

Live Brolic!

Quote 16 Jul

“We need ‘Strength’ while doing the Possible….
We need ‘Faith’ along with ‘Strength’ while doing the Impossible.”


Good morning.

14 Dec

Faith is not the belief that God will do what you want. It is the belief that God will do what is right.

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