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Monday Minute: Don’t be afraid to Succeed 

12 Sep

A lot of people focus on how most young entrepreneurs or new entrepreneurs are afraid to fail. Well we’re going to turn that upside down by discussing how most people are afraid to succeed.

You see it is my belief that in this day and age most people don’t want to succeed. They have conditioned themselves to accept mediocrity as greatness. And this mediocrity has become the new accepted Norm.

Now the willingness to succeed, the hunger, has been removed from the average person.

Simply put the average person is scared to succeed because one success only begets further successes and this in turn creates a new dynamic that they are not ready for. When you are used to settling for less winning is stressful. However, when you take the reins and force life to bend to your will- success becomes the same as breathing.

Why are we afraid to succeed?

Simple. We don’t expect it these days. 

However, I challenge you my readers to find at least one way every week that you will succeed beyond your own expectations. If you cannot find a way I will create a list for you personally.

Finally succeeding is perhaps the greatest thing you can do in your life; besides having children. That is a different form of success.

I personally call it the greatest form of success. 

If you begin to feel doubt look at Olympic athletes who have more than one gold medal. In theory they have nowhere to go but down. Yet they train for 4 year arcs in the hopes of repeating a trillion to one chance of Glory.

Now was that a scary thought or an exciting one?

When you know the answer hit the reply button.

Live Brolic!

Good is the enemy of great. (Hat tip to KayK).

10 Jul

Good is the enemy of great.
(Hat tip to KayK).

Good is the enemy of great.
Wow. That is amazing. I’m not a nut. I’m not stoned people. No I simply stumbled upon the only concept I may ever need to motivate myself.
In life you can be good and it might get you to second place. That’s cool. But like Bruce Jenner I aspire for the top. I want to be the king olympiad. The guy who got silver rarely smiles. The guy who got bronze is feeling like the Boss. Why? He can eclipse silver next year. The difference between good and great is the same as first and second. Anyone can be top five, top three. It takes a champion to be first. It takes a champion to get the GOLD. And sadly we aren’t all made to be First place. Wait, I recant that statement. We aren’t all made to be first. To be Gold. And that is OK. What I simply encourage we all do is aim to be the best. If your goals are small so shall your results be. If your dreams are small you likewise will achieve just about nothing. Now if your needs are small, by all means do you my friends. Yet no one wins when you don’t aim for greatness. Your playing small will not honor your ancestors or be the proper action for the globe as a whole.

Good. Sounds well, good enough. That reminds me of second place which in my world is the second loser. You heard me people. Second place is the first loser.
What would ever be cool in failure. Sorry olympians- but you know you didn’t go for the silver. When I order steak I don’t want the sides. I want the steak. The sides are a bonus. And also good enough sucks. Sorry if that’s abrasive but its honest. Giving your best is acceptable. Good enough isn’t. And as such good can abjectly be said to equate failure when considered in comparison to great.

Let’s review:
Good: satisfactory in quality, quantity, or degree.
Great: unusual or considerable in degree, power, intensity.

When we look at these definitions from Dictionary.com we see something startling. Its appears to indicate that there is an A student and a C student to put it simply. Now both students get the job done, they both pass muster. However one is a champion and one simply had completion on the play. A lot of NFL players make touchdowns and game winning plays, but every year there is only one superbowl winner. The second place guy was good- Real Good. However they weren’t great. That’s the difference in success. You can sell a few ppl, sign up a few more. The Greats though close massively.
Its time to be Great people.
Are you committed to the extra mile?
Will you exceed even your own expectations?
Forget Superman. Be the hero in your story.


If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have the capacity at the beginning.

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