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IS FEAR Killing Your Future?

11 May

IS FEAR Killing Your Future?
It’s a really simple question that a lot of people don’t ask. And it is fear that gags them, preventing that question

Fear is what I call Emotional Cancer. It is acute, pervasive, and far reaching. It will permeate your every thought, action, and emotion if you are not on guard against it.
Fear is simply the belief that what u are afraid of is stronger than what you are capable of. Nothing more.
How do I know?
I’m scared as hell.
Every time I write an article, I approach clients, and when I make music. It never fails. Speaking to an audience kills me. I learned the hard way that my fear had a little dollar amount. It could be marked in an accounting ledger as consecutive losses as I was deeply afraid of recruiting people.
Have you been there? I’d bet many of you have been in my shoes.
Fear of rejection was killing my business.
I actually started blogging out of fear. I was afraid to speak so I figured I’d write.
Cheap cop out I know.
But I did play my strong suit against my weakness so it was kind of a smart idea.
However, I wasn’t fighting the fear.

I have good news though folks-
Fear wins wars as well.
You see when a Lawyer is victorious in court he has fear on his side. When the last seed team triumphs over series kings, it is fear that they conquered.
Fear is a great motivator. My fear of failure could paralyze an elephant. And in the past I’ve let it be my achilles heal. I’m naturally a speaker. I can run my mouth and build a case in my head rapidly and then present it with panache and pride, just not in front of recruits and perspective buyers.
Sounds ridiculous right?
How did I beat this fear- I Spoke.
That’s it.
I wanted to interview the guy who owns the gym I frequent- so I asked.
I wanted an interview with my favorite two lyricists- so I asked.
And I got a yes each and every time- across the board.
Has everyone I asked said yes?
Of course not.
I get a lot of no’s. More than before actually. But I wasn’t getting a single yes by staying silent. It’s called playing the game.
If I was a batter in Major League Baseball- and I refused to swing I might get the occasional walk from the pitcher at the mound. More likely than not I’d just have a 0 batting average and be dropped from the team regardless of cost.
Ted Williams used the press to motivate him. He fed their caustic opinions of him- and then he fed off it.
It gave him power.
It gave him fuel.
And he is a legend now decades after his passing.
Back to that lawyer I mentioned. If he knew every minutiae of the law but never made an opening argument could he win a case?
Imagine Thurgood Marshall letting fear speak for him. No. Never.
Good leaders, heck good people simply fight fear and make it their slave.
When you master fear you can conquer the world.

My last point is Christopher Columbus: the Church wanted to kill him, the people doubted him, he was considered a heretic in many circles. Now we could argue about his being a mass murderer if you want- or we could look at the fact that he refused to let fear stop him. If he was wrong he would literally sail off the earth, die, or be executed after years of suffering at sea.
Instead I get a day off every year due to his action (get the hint: do it- act don’t let fear castrate you).


No one goes to the Olympics for silver.

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Are You A One Hit Wonder

18 Dec

Are You A One Hit Wonder

Are you a one hit wonder-
That my friends is the question.
I’m sure just like me you guys have checked out the one hit wonder shows on VH1.
You guys know, the ones where they show music artists that made it to the top for about 3 weeks and then went and got a regular old 9-5. That one song, that one moment wasn’t parlayed into a successful career. Instead it became a moment in time so brief as to make them fodder for jokes by the little guy at home working like a slave.
One hit wonders make for great filler on an ipod but that’s about it. In business and in life there is no room for one hit wonders.
Success is a numbers game, and your numbers have to be long term.
Success comes from repeating great habits. And then repeating that. And repeating that. You get the point. Let’s examine some of the fine points.

Can they duplicate your system?
A lot of people are in direct marketing and or mlm based business models. In this economy there may be no better business model to thrive and survive (#thriveorsurvive, hint hint). However no matter how good your business, its compensation plan, or your pitch- if the system isn’t easy to duplicate than you may fail but your recruits by a vast majority will fail for sure. If they can’t see how to do what your doing then they can’t show it to others. If you have one of the aforementioned models learn it, be it. If you have your own business- whether you sell financial services or you teach seminars et al you have to be able to show people your concept and its simplicity. When they see that they will buy, duplicate or both.

Can you duplicate quality?
When you teach one recruit or team member to be a leader and a fiscal success or otherwise you are riding high. Everything was worth it. Your pride and self esteem, through the roof. However if you can’t duplicate that quality repetitively you have already lost. Put the team building aside for a second. If you can’t duplicate quality in your own actions and plans what are you doing? Watch a baseball game? The pitcher has to be able to throw the same pitch over and over with accuracy. The batter. For get about it even harder. A .300 average in baseball is good- and they only hit the ball 3 out of ten times. Look at any championship team and you will see that they have found the framework for success and have duplicated it over and over. Build from success to success and do the same things that got you to the top. For you and your team.

Leadership- You keep giving.
A great leader is effective, caring, charismatic and proactive. The list could go on and on but that’s the key components I’d say and as such you need to know if you lead well. If not any success you have will be fleeting. Leadership gives you the tools and lays the groundwork to get you beyond that one hit.
Kanye West is said to be fanatical about putting together verses for his tracks. And Pusha-T said in an article that Kanye did the same to him. He told him to rework it. Then rework it again. Then rework it some more. And at the end he got greatness out of him. Not good but great. That is effective leading and it is also strong and proactive.
A good leader is also accessible. Be there all time. Its not an up sell to mentor. It can be but that is an option not a necessity.

Be Excellent.
There will always be a place at the table for excellence. A great musician can play anywhere. A one hit wonder only has one song. A superior craftsman will always land contracts whereas the shabby, liar will get contracts for a time then they will be few and far in between. Excellence breeds its own success. Excellence makes you a contender. It puts the new guy on his toes and your contemporaries back to practicing. The true greats transcend time and even death itself. The Beatles, Big Pun, Steve Jobs, Ted Williams, Babe Ruth, VanGogh, Da Vinci, Botocelli- the list goes on a bit longer but you see the point. Excellence in any form exists forever and becomes the antithesis of a one hit wonder.

Parting shot:
Your destiny is not determined by your critics. Rise above the criticism and run your own race.


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