Costco will Not save You money

19 Mar

Now I’m all for being Frugal, no question about it.
However a lot of people are trading their most valuable resource for a few pennies.
So you wait in line 20 minutes to save 7 cents a gallon on 9 gallons to fill your Honda.
Good job. You are a smart consumer.

Wrong mind set- and here’s is why:
63 cents is nothing compared to the almost half hour you lost.

Was that time income producing?
Could you recruit someone into your primary business in that time?
I’ve seen a good marketer close in 5 minutes.
Even if all you get is a lead/phone number- the practice alone is worth more than 63 cents, especially to a newbie.

Should you be saving money?
All the time.

Should you be losing time?
Now if you are practically broke, maybe this works for you.
But if you are that broke than it just might be time to repurpose a lot of your time and build a business that takes your financial situation out of the hands of others.

Remember there is no sense in being stupid and cent savvy.

Let’s chat.

Live Brolic!

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