Get it done

19 Jan

So the powerball was almost 2 billion dollars last week.

And I saw people pooling money, flying into New York city from all over the country, and buying more tickets outside of their group purchase.

All in hopes of achieving some grand dream of having wealth.

And guess what?
None of em won a red cent.
Yup. That’s right.

And what came next you ask?
They itched and moaned about how no one from New York ever wins.
How it ain’t right.
How they would work and not be greedy if they had won…
What a load of malarkey.

Now instead of this wasted cash, time and energy – why didn’t any of these people say “F that noise! I’m going to build my own dream!”

If all energy is focused on a realistic goal, even if it is baby steps to start, then the lottery and who won it becomes irrelevant.

Lesson here: don’t waste your time on pipe dreams when there are opportunities right in front of you if you simply train the brain to see them.
More on that later this month.

Live Brolic!

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