Stop Yelling at the Dog

20 Jan

Picture it: Sicily, 1938…
OK I’m not Sophia from Golden Girls, but my story will have a lesson.

I’m walking up the block after a late meeting at the office.
Across the street this guy is yelling at his beagle and yanking hard on the leash.

He is telling the dog to stay repeatedly while he himself is edging into traffic to cross the street.

He stops and yells at the beagle, that if it doesn’t stop it will get hit by a car and that it has to listen to reason.

Stop and let that sink in.

Now I’m not trying to piss off PETA, but it was a dog not another adult.

And he was in the wrong by jaywalking himself.

What am I getting at?

*Are you Leading by example?
Do you do what you ask of others?
If you want me to recruit I hope you have mastered that skill set. Doing things the right way is not just proper folks, it’s second only to helping others in leadership.

*How are you communicating?
I hate being yelled at by my peers, higher ups, or bosses.
And I’d wager so does everyone.
So don’t yell at people.
Effective communication is two parts listening, one part talking.
Condescension is fun

– for some, but pain for others. So skip that too.
Simply put; don’t be a jerk.

*Lastly, have realistic expectations of those around you.
This guy told the beagle to listen to reason.
The team goes at the speed of the leader. And if the leader expects the team to deliver 1000% of the time like he does, yeah failure rates become astronomical.
Be present minded. Know what can and cannot be done.
In the gym, the newbie can’t bench 2 plates. So if he starts with dimes- that is still progress. As to my last point- Congratulate them. To the first point, lift the same amount and show and explain how to get to the 2 plates.
See how that last part tied it all in?

I’m willing to bet you did.
If not inbox me:

Live Brolic!

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