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Quick Infographic: Ultimate Guide to Saving IOS Battery Life

23 Jun

Now this rocks, if you have an iphone…

Quick Infographic: Ultimate Guide to Saving IOS Battery Life

Free Producttivity App: Textkraft Pocket for iOS

25 Sep

Being productive is the Cornerstone of achieving your goals along with being organized. So get this free app and get busy!

Click pic for download

53 FREE Apps For iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

9 Feb

A lot of games but a WordPress app and a few others for productivity.

These Apps are only available for a limited time. Be sure the total is $0.00 as these prices do change frequently and without notice.



FREE iPad Apps



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THX Tune-up – FREE – Will Be Charged Next Week (iPhone & iPad)

2 Feb


“Not much to say really other than this is a great calibration app on offer from THX.

Used it briefly to set up the projector at work. I think this will be great for home use.

Description from the iTunes page:

THX tune-up (TM) allows you to properly adjust your TV, projector and speakers, helping you get the most out of your entertainment system.”












[iOS 6] Penultimate iPad App Now FREE for The First Time Ever

2 Feb


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